1.In any case, they are the last to be planted under good conditions and the first to be avoided under bad conditions.


例句:Under certain conditions we can transform the bad into the good.

surrender under agreed conditions.

under no conditions无论如何

例句:Under no conditions, can you go out and play whole day.

2.Most plants use up nitrogen. Legumes put nitrogen back into the soil. Forage crops also help reduce erosion of the soil.

use up用完;耗尽

例句:By this time he had used up all his savings.
到这时, 他的存款已全部用完。

up在这里是用完,用光的意思,比如,eat up,吃完。

3.And there are slower-growing trees like the black walnut that provide a nut crop as well as wood.

as well as 用法

al well as可以用来连接两个相同的成分,如名词、形容词、动词、介词,通常不位于句首。此时,as well as连接的虽然是两个并列成分,但强调的重点在前面,不在后面,意思为“不但……而且……”、“既……又……”、“除了……之外,还有……”翻译时要先译后面,再译前面。例如:

1)Living things need air and light as well as water. 生物不仅需要水,还需要空气和阳光。(连接名词)

2)She helped Tom as well as I. = She and I helped Tom. 我帮了汤姆的忙,她也帮了汤姆的忙。(连接主格代词)

3)She helped Tom as well as me. = She helped Tom and me. 她帮了我的忙,也帮了汤姆的忙。(连接宾格代词)

4)She continued her own work as well as hepled me. 她除了帮助我,还继续自己的工作。(连接动词)

5)He finds the mass of materials before, as well as after exeperiments. 他不但在实验后,还在实验前求出材料的质量。(连接介词短语)

6)The child is lively as well as healthy. 这孩子既健康又活泼。(连接形容词)

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