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Hello, from the CNN Center here in Atlanta, I'm Melissa Long, it's Friday, November 21st and here is a look at some of the stories happening NOW In the News.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey has got a clean bill of health from his doctors. He collapsed last night in Washington while giving this speech. A Justice Department spokeswoman says doctors put Mukasey through a series of medical tests and quote "everything looks great". The 67-year-old has since left the hospital off to work in fact; there is no word on what caused that fainting spell.

Law makers in Nebraska have approved a big change to the state's controversial safe haven law. Under the new measure, children older than 30 days can not be dropped off at state hospitals. 35 children, many of them, preteens or even teenagers, have been abandoned in hospitals since the original law took effect in July. State lawmakers say it was intended to prevent newborns from being dumped in trash bins or even worse. The new law is expected to go into effect at midnight.

A little extra help is on the way for people receiving unemployment checks. President Bush signed the extension of benefits today. It provided seven additional weeks of coverage for those who have exhausted their benefits or are about to do so. People in high unemployment states will be eligible for a 13-week extension.

A light today if you want to call that in space for the shuttle astronauts, today, they are getting a break after two days of complicated spacewalks. Astronauts won't get the whole day off, they are actually still trying to get a new water recycling and purification system up and running, plus they will fire the shuttle's thrusters. They are gonna refire them, take the shuttle and the space station into a new orbit. It's about a mile higher.

A London court has granted a preliminary decree of divorce to Madonna and Guy Ritchie. And after six weeks and a day, the divorce becomes final. The two-part procedure is standard in Britain, the star couple was married for nearly eight years, they have a son Rocco as well as Madonna's daughter Lourdes from a previous relationship and the adopted son named David.

And those are the headlines making news at this hour. Do stay with CNN and for more on these stories or other news of today.

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