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日本的禁烟之战(Japan Imposes Tough Anti-smoking Laws)


1.crackdown n. 打击
2.packaging n. 包装
3.patrol n. 巡逻
4.fine n. 罚款, 罚金
5.confrontation n. 对质
6.private adj. 私营的
7.ashamed adj. 惭愧的, 羞耻的
8.label n. 标签

Japan Imposes Tough Anti-smoking Laws

Japan is getting heavy-handed in its crackdown on smoking. To discourage smokers, Tokyo has raised the price of cigarettes and attached harsher label warnings on their packaging. The measures are dealing a blow to monopoly cigarette maker Japan Tobacco. But the company has come up with creative ways to keep its market of smokers happy and lighting up. Rebecca McKinnen has more.

If you smoke in downtown Tokyo, watch out for these guys. The smoking patrol has caught two men red handed smoking in a public area. Since April that’s been against the law in Tokyo’s Cheota business district. Their punishment, a fine of 2,000 yen or about 17 U.S. dollars.
Toshihina Kanoro and Toshioki Ogawa are retired cops hired by the city to keep smokers off the streets.
Many out of towners have a bad attitude, says Ogawa, but if people refuse to pay, there’s not much we can do.
Even so, in Japan, the shame of public confrontation is enough to stop most people, and to drive smokers into safe havens.
Smoking refuge areas set up by Japan’s tobacco monopoly, safe on private property where the patrols can not go. On the grounds of a private company’s office building, Japan Tobacco has even set up a smoking van where smokers can do their thing in comfort, rain or shine.
Lately smokers are made to feel more ashamed than before, says bike courier Uki Oheni, but I understand we have to consider the health of non-smokers.
And what about their own health? Until now packs of cigarettes here in Japan weren’t even required to carry warnings that smoking causes cancer. But that’s changing now and times are getting a lot tougher for Japan’s tobacco monopoly.
The government now has plans for stronger warning labels and raised the cigarette tax last week. Not surprisingly cigarette sales are down.
But Japan Tobacco says it will keep on doing all it can to keep smokers as happy as possible, at least wherever it’s possible. Rebecca McKinnen, CNN, Tokyo.



退休警察Toshihina Kanoro和Toshioki Ogawa被这个城市雇来禁止人们在这条街上吸烟。
脚踏车邮差Uki Oheni说,近来的举措令吸烟族比以前更感羞愧,但我明白,我们必须顾及不吸烟者的健康。

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