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Hello,from the CNN Center in Atlanta, I'm Naamua Delaney and here are some of the headlines NOW In the News.

President-elect Barack Obama's to-do-list is topped by the economy. He's making it his first order of business, meeting with the team of financial advisors today. The 17-person team includes former cabinet members and billionaire investor Warren Buffett. After the meeting, Obama will hold his first news conference since winning the election.

The decision behind the next president may be over, but the ballot totals are still coming in from some states including North Carolina where CNN is now projecting Barack Obama to have taken the state. The only state left to count is Missouri.

A political rumble between former presidential and VP candidate aides after accusations by some former John McCain aides and embarrassing stories being leaked, a Palin's spokesperson is now calling the words sickening. Several ex-aides have been the sources of the stories. Palin says the aides spreading the rumors are (quote) "small, evidently bitter" (end quote) people.

Lawyers for O. J. Simpson and a co-defendant are in court today, trying to get them a new trial. Simpson and Clarence Stewart were convicted of kidnapping and robbery October 3rd. They say they were only trying to retrieve stolen property from sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas casino hotel room. Sentencing is set for December 5th . The two could get life in prison.

Now, to Haiti, where a two- storey school has collapsed outside the capital of / Haiti, killing at least two adults and injuring more than a dozen children. The Associated Press says hundreds of people are on the scene, trying to dig people out of the rubble. Local authorities estimate up to 200 kids could've been in the school at the time.

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