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Hi there, thanks for joining us, I’m Virginia Cha at the CNN Center in Atlanta with a look at what’s happening NOW In the News.

A call to the coast guard today by the emergency of the coast Miami, a small boat somehow went aground and a number of people were in the water. Rescuers pulled some 27 survivors to safety but unfortunately two others didn’t make it. Authorities say they believe at least some of the passengers are Dominican migrants. At last report, they were still searching in the waters to make sure no one else was out there.

In Iraq, a big sight that efforts to stabilize that country are paying off, U.S. troops justice this month are just done about one half from September when 25 were killed. Now this month, 13-non-combat and combat death has been reported. Since the beginning of the war, 4,189 American troops have been died in Iraq. A US military official calls this month strop a positive indication of the increased security across Iraq.

The investigators says they are hoping to conclosed the finding out who was responsible for the serious bombings in Northeast India. The checking out message sent to a local news outlet claiming responsibility no word yet on who sent that message. The death toll in yesterday's attacks has climbed at least 74. Hundreds of other people were wounded and at least 9 bombs rip through areas pat with lunch time crowds.

It is the final lap of the presidential race, John McCain is rally in the must win the state of Ohio. A latest Ohio polar poll shows the McCain trailing Barack Obama by five points. He’s taking a two-day bus tour cross that state. Meantime, Barack Obama is back in the place that gave him his first win Iowa. He stop in Chicago to see as kids Halloween costumes and then he's off to Indiana. Polls show Obama with healthy lead in Iowa while Indiana is still a toss up.

A ceremony to mark General David pertal says the next chief of central command took place this morning in tampe Florida. General Petral would be responsible for U.S. military relations for nearly two dozen countries. The general is credited with what the Bush administration and both major party presidential candidates now acknowledge with a highly successful troop surge in Iraq. One of the biggest challenges for General Pertral will be Pakistan which is currently dealing with economic political and social turmoil.

Those are the headlines this hour, stay with CNN for more on these stories and all the other news of the day

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