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Hi there good to see you. I am Virginia Cha at the CNN Center in Atlanta with a look at what's happening NOW In the News.

3 attackers killed 5 people inside a government building in Afghanistan this morning. Polices said they went into the Ministration of Information and Culture and one bomber blew himself up. 12 people were wounded the Taliban claim responsibility for the attack the other 2 terrorists escaped.

At least 19 people injured when a car-bomb explored in a parking lot at a university in Spain. Police suspected bask separators were behind today's blast at the University of Navarra in Pamplona. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

American Express is cutting 7,000 jobs, that’s about 10 percent of its international workforce. The company says the job cuts are part of massive effort to save 1.8-billion dollars next year. American Express is also suspending management level salary increases for 2009 and instituting a hiring frees.

With just 5 days left, the presidential candidates are concentrating on key territory. John McCain held the rally earlier today in Defiance Ohio his next stop will also be in Ohio. Barack Obama on the trail in Florida he rally supporters in Saris Oder earlier. Later today Obama has for another crucial battleground state Virginia.

Daily life saving time ends this weekend so set your clock back one hour Saturday night or inter of Sunday morning rally .you'll get an extra hour of sleep and that may be good for your heart. Swedish researchers say the number of heart attacks dropped on the Monday after clocks were set back an hour. There were also more heart attacks during the week after the start of daily life saving time in the spring.

Mmm interesting right? Those are the headlines at this hour stay with CNN for more on those stories and all your other news of the day.

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