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BBC news with Nick Kelly.

The United Nation’s Security Council has unanimously approved a stronger mandate for peace-keeping troops in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The resolution gives international forces the authority to protect the civilians from violence, not only by rebel groups, but also renegade Congolese government soldiers. The British ambassador of the UN Sir John Sawers, said the peace-keeping force known as Monique has to do more to curb widespread rape and violence against civilians in the Eastern Congo.

My delegation remains support at the persistent high level sexual violence in Eastern DRC in particular, perpetrated by the arm groups, including, such to say, some of the arm forces of the DRC. Systematic rapes, seized to be used by the groups like FDR as a weapon to subjugate and divide local communities, we look to Morniqe to do more to bring an end to this terrific practices and to do more to protect women as they go about their daily business.

Pope Benedict has said saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behavior is just as important as saving the rainforests from destruction. In his end of the year speech to Vatican officials, the pop CRIticized gender theory which explores how individuals and society have perceive biological identity. He said bluring the distinction between male and female could lead to the destruction of the human race.

The Federal jury in the United States has found five men guilty of conspire to kill American soldiers at an army base in the state of New Jersey. Five non-US-nationals are credited on charges of attempted murder. Prosecution desCRIbed the partisan a bit to wage Jihad against the United States. From Washington, here's Rajini Vaidyanathan.

The five defendants who lived in Philadelphia for many years were Jordanian, Turkish and Albanian origin. They were arrested in 2007 after a 14-month investigation which began when a clerk at an electronic store tipped off the police. His suspicions were raised when he was asked by the man to copy footage of them, firing assault weapons and screaming a Jihad Chants on to the DVD. The FBI asked two men to act to the agent on their behalf and be friend the men.

The Iraqi parliament has put off a crucial vote on whether to allow the British and other non-American forces to remain in Iraq after the UN mandate runs out at the end of the month. During the occasions the vote may now be held on Tuesday, here's Karen White.

Procession hadn't been expected to result in the vote in favor of the resolution allowing the British and other foreign troops to stay on in Iraq into next year, but it was suspended after MP from the Kurdish and Shiite Parties continue to argue with the parliamentary speaker. The resolution is needed to allow foreign troops the legal bases on which to stay in Iraq. It would affect the 4000 or so British troops based here in Basra. However, the head of the British army General / said they were contingency plans in place in case of any further delay to the resolution.

World news from the BBC.

Israeli human rights group says it has evidence that one of the most significant Jewish settlements on occupied territory has been largely built illegally. It says the settlement is illegal, not just on the international law, but also according to the Israeli practice. Andrew Bolton reports.

The Aufrow settlement which established in 1975, northeast of Ramala in the West Bank, but the human rights group says almost 60% of it has been built on land which remains in private Palestinian ownership. The settlement now has a population of more than 4000 and the authorities there dispute the findings. All Israeli settlements in the West Bank are considered illegal by the international community, but Israel differentiates between those settlements that given / permission for, such as Aufrow and dozens of smaller outpost to the degrees are unlawful.

The African Union has failed to resolve the problem of replacing Ethiopian troops back in the interim government in Somalia when they withdraw at the end of the year. Ethiopia has made it clear it will pull its forces out within the next two weeks. The AU had earlier told the meeting of foreign ministers in ** that they could make no recommendation on both strictly African mission in Somalia.

Russia is to give its arm forces more weapons over the next three years, including 17 new strategic nuclear missiles. The government official told reporters in Moscow, that they had also been 30 short range missiles, 48 new combat planes, 60 military helicopters, more than 300 tanks and 14 naval vessels.

And thousands of lucky ticket holders in Spain have found themselves richer into around Christmas after / winning as much as 400,000 dollars each in the annual national lottery, Owner’s Al Golddo or the Fat One. Millions of Spaniards hovered around television sets and radios to hear the result which is aim to spreading the proceeds among as many people as possible, the lucky ones this year, including two men from / Bangladesh, living in Basra.

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