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间谍科技展(The Science of Spying)


concave adj. 凹的,凹入的
dodgy adj. 荒唐的,善于骗人的
fingerprint n. 指纹,手印
hacked-off adj. 恼火的,生气的
wheel out 推出

GARETH MITCHELL: This is the facial scanner that I’m standing at now. First of all I have to swipe my card so we are doing that. And then there is a chin rest I am going to put my chin on and I’m going to be staring into quite a large concave perspective thing but within this a whole lade of cameras are going to scan my face so here we go. I’m looking into this perspective… It’s like a half a dome basically. I’m looking into this dome and I’m getting a not particularly flattering image of my face which is projected onto this screen in a very sci-fi kind of way in front of me. And there’s instruction being beamed up here as well so you can keep your head still and now it says data analysis complete so now I can take my head out of the way. And now I’m looking at it crunching through all this data and I’m seeing my face being projected back at me, images of my face from lots of different angles, some more flattering than others. And now there’s a message coming up saying “creating fake ID”. That all sounds a bit dodgy, Steven, a fake ID for me? What’s all that about?

STEVEN FOLGER: Well spies need to pretend to be other people. So if you’re going to break into headquarters you need to have a fake ID to get in there, so that’s just what we’ve created now using some of the latest face scanning technology which actually we could be seeing in everyday life in a few years to come.

GARETH MITCHELL: And that’s the point as it looks a bit sci-fi, but this is technology that is pretty much here now, we are going to see more and more of it over the years to come.

STEVEN FOLGER: Yeah the way face scanning works is it records the positions of key points like where your eyes are, where your nose is, and where your chin are, which can then be referred back to and match next time you put your face into a scanner.

GARETH MITCHELL: And there is another trainee spy doing the same thing just behind me. This is a particularly young spy because his dad is lifting him up so he can get his chin onto the chin rest here. But these are the ones to watch out for it’s the young ones honestly. Right, now this room here takes us onto the next stage of my mission because to be a descent spy I’m going to need obviously the tools of the trade so what have we got in here?

STEVEN FOLGER: We’ve got something which reads your deleted SMS. So you might have thrown away those old “I Love You” SMS but you still can be found out.


GARETH MITCHELL: So they are still on your SIM card are they?

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