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Economics Report - Obama Chooses Economic Team for 'Historic' CRIsis

This is the VOA special english Economics Report.

President-elect Barack Obama named the top members of his economic team in a series of announcements this week in Chicago, Illinois. His nominee for secretary of the Treasury is Tim Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for the past five years. Mister Geithner has been working to rescue companies affected by the financial CRIsis. He has also worked as undersecretary of the Treasury Department for international affairs.

Barack Obama with two members of his team, Tim Geithner and Christina Romer Barack Obama with two members of his team, Tim Geithner and Christina Romer

The top economic adviser in the White House will be Larry Summers. He was President Clinton's last Treasury secretary, at the same time that Tim Geithner was undersecretary. The former Harvard University president will lead the National Economic Council. That position does not require Senate approval.

But confirmation is required for the director of the Council of Economic Advisers. Mister Obama's choice to lead that group is Christina Romer. She is an economist and economic historian at the University of California, Berkeley.

The nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget in the White House is Peter Orszag, until now the director of the Congressional Budget Office.

And Mister Obama announced the creation of a President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Paul Volcker will lead the new board. He was Federal Reserve chairman during most of the nineteen eighties.

The president-elect is working with Democratic leaders in Congress on an economic recovery plan. Spending and tax cuts might cost five hundred billion dollars or more. But Mister Obama says: "We are facing an economic CRIsis of historic proportions."

The goal for the stimulus plan is to save or create two and one-half million jobs over a period of two years. Congressional leaders hope to have the plan ready for the new president to sign shortly after he takes office on January twentieth.

The government has already promised trillions of dollars in loans, guarantees and investments to rescue the economy. At the same time, Barack Obama says the government must cut wasteful spending from the three trillion dollar federal budget. As he promised during the campaign, he said he will direct his new budget team to go through the budget page by page and line by line.

And that's the VOA special english Economics Report. For the latest developments in the financial crisis, go to www.tingvoa.com. I'm Steve Ember.


奥巴马本周在芝加哥宣布了几项关于他的经济团队高级官员的任命。他对财务部长的人选是Tim Geithner,过去5年担任纽约联邦储备的主席。Mister Geithner一直致力于拯救受到金融危机影响的公司。同时也曾担任国际事务财务部门的次长。

Larry Summers将担任白宫高级经济顾问。他是前总统克林顿政府的财务部长,和Tim Geithner担任次长是同一时期。前哈佛大学校长将大人国家经济委员会主任。该职位不需通过参议院表决。

但是经济顾问委员会主任一职需要通过一致同意。奥巴马对该职位的人选是Christina Romer。她是加利福尼亚大学的经济学家和经济历史学家。

白宫管理及预算办公室主任的人选是Peter Orszag,他目前是国会预算办公室的主任。

奥巴马宣布成立一个新的部门:总统经济恢复顾问委员会,Paul Volcker 担任该委员会主任。上世纪80年代大部分时间,由他担任联邦储备主席。




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