Before my dad died, we never thought about money. I mean, it wasn't that we were rich, but we weren’t poor either, you know, we just were. We had a nice house; we had a hot dinner every night; we even went to Disneyland once and I remember we all got dressed up for the airplane ride. We never really wanted for anything except perhaps for a little more time together.
This is my absolute favorite time of the year, because people have ambitious health intentions they believe in their capabilities and believe in that you can do something is the key ingredient to success.
I've received a lot of questions from CNN, iReporter, so went to our website, they wanna ask you question directly. This one was from Guy Watson in Albuquerque.
As if socking them with higher Medicare taxes and then taxing them again on their fancy-schmancy, pricey, private health plans weren't enough, this Senate health care bill aims to cash in on their conceit.
It is moving, it is sobering, it is a reach back into history. The tales about the family tree of first lady Michelle Obama and an American map that traces her back to the slaves and slave owners that were in her past. This woman who made it all the way to the White House. ABC's Yunji de Nies has more on the first of this journey.
Good afternoon,Mr Calroson.Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me.
I'm afraid of blood.Plus,it’s a lot of pressure, having someone’s life in your hands. I mean one mistake and you can kill someone.
A 9-year-old girl took her grandmother's car and led police on a chase at speeds over 90 mph. WKRN's Teresa Weakley reports.
优习文:U.S. Graduates Look To China "美国梦"变"中国梦"2011-03-23
CNN's Emily Chang reports on the lure of China for freshly minted American graduates and entrepreneurs.
New techniques for detection, diagnosis, and treatment are constantly emerging, as a result of efforts of Congress and the American people.
'Homeless Boy' is adapted from an autobiographical best-seller written by Tamura Hiroshi, a young, successful and prosperous Japanese comedian.
Cuba is running out of toilet paper. While Cuba blames the Global Financial Crisis, Fareed blames Communism.
You probably didn't know this, but I have a nervous habit of counting everything. I count small things. For example, I count stairs when I go up or come down them.
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优习文:Send It To Andy!2011-03-19
When I was about 12 years old, I remember at Christmas one year being ashamed of how much I liked it because of all the presents I got. It's a pretty complicated thought for a 12 year old kid but I had it.
美国原汁原味访谈录:Ellen 竞选奥普拉杂志封面2011-03-18
And last week I was telling you about my new goal, which is to get on the cover of O magazine. That is my new goal and I'm asking everyone to join me.
Careerbuilder.com's Jason Lovelace gives job seekers advice on how to make their resume stand out.
美国原汁原味访谈录:The View 议论 Rihanna 事件(下)2011-03-17
Because when you look at it, when you look at it as it is which is what you said the other day, it’s very easy for someone in an abuse relationship to go back. But I loved him, but I trusted him and nobody says she has to be a role model.
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