[VOA双语] 俄罗斯积极评价美俄总统会晤2009-04-13
Russia says strategic stability, international security, non-proliferation, and cooperation against emerging threats are among the interests Moscow shares with the United States.
[VOA双语] 全球二十主要经济体领袖聚会伦敦2009-04-13
Some of the world's most powerful leaders, along with their finance chiefs are meeting at London's ExCel Center to try to forge common ground on tackling the world's economic crisis.
[VOA双语] 美俄同意重开削减远程核武器会谈2009-04-13
The United States and Russia have agreed to reopen talks on reducing long-range nuclear weapons. The announcement was made as U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev met in London, the site of the G20 economic summit.
[VOA双语] 美国增加失业者 各国股市却上扬2009-04-13
The United States has seen another jump in the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits. The news did not dampen investor exuberance in the United States or elsewhere, as financial markets worldwide rallied sharply higher.