金蝉脱壳(Escape Plan) 第06期2017-02-24
你是问我之前做什么的 Are you asking what I used to do? 没错 Yeah.我可以告诉你 但我需要帮忙 I'll tell you. But I need a little favour.去你妈的 Fuck that.好吧 那算了 Alright, don't
金蝉脱壳(Escape Plan) 第05期2017-02-24
又是一件杰作啊 先生 That's another beautiful piece, sir.你对我说谎 You lied to me.我对你说谎 I lied to you? -我不明白 -不 不 - I'm not sure... - No...No.闭嘴 You say nothing
金蝉脱壳(Escape Plan) 第04期2017-02-24
涉嫌制造炸弹 You're suspected of manufacturing bombs导致近十年来的数十起政治爆炸案 that has been used in dozen political bombings范围遍及欧洲及南美 across Europe and South Ameri
金蝉脱壳(Escape Plan) 第03期2017-02-24
非同凡响 Remarkable.谢谢 你来此有何贵干 Thank you, and... you are here because? 她是局里的 雷 在 She is Agency, Ray. As in...中央情报局 Central Intelligence Agency.-你是间谍
金蝉脱壳(Escape Plan) 第02期2017-02-24
最尖端的技术 It's state-of-the-art.问题是 The only problem is...它旁边就是未设防的消防队 it's located next to unsecure fire crash.首先 我得设法进去 First, I needed to get insi
金蝉脱壳(Escape Plan) 第01期2017-02-24
-醒了没 -醒了 - Are you up? - Yeah.杰克斯明天会找你麻烦 Jax has got the jump on you tomorrow.两点钟 Two bell.算是还你人情 I figured, I owe you.你听见没 Did you hear what I sa
劫后余生(Aftershock) 第08期2017-02-24
他说他有女儿 He says he's got a daughter.告诉他 她就要变孤儿了 Tell him she's about to become an orphan.用这玩意 Use this.打断木头 Use this to break the wood.我们可以叫救护车 我不
劫后余生(Aftershock) 第07期2017-02-24
不要我们都死光吧 保罗 没有你... We don't all have to die. Polio, without you...我们都死定了 we're going to die.我都不知道这里是哪里 I don't know where the fuck I am.我们不懂西班牙语 W
劫后余生(Aftershock) 第06期2017-02-24
-你没事吧 -伊莲娜呢 -Are you OK? -Where's Irina? 艾利尔呢 Where's Ariel? 卡门 卡门 Carmen! Carmen!救我 Help me!艾利尔 Ariel!卡门 Carmen!卡门 Carmen!艾利尔 Ariel!艾利尔 Ariel!
劫后余生(Aftershock) 第05期2017-02-24
朋友们 国际友人 Amigos. International friends.俄国公主伊莲娜 This is the Russian princess, Irina.快接电话 Please, pick up.-凯莉在哪 -跳舞 跳舞... -Hey, where is Kylie? -Dan
劫后余生(Aftershock) 第04期2017-02-23
真棒 犹太人没有悲剧角色 That's awesome. Jews are not meant for tragedy.我们不善于悲剧 We don't handle it well.-说死尸 -死尸 -Say dead bodies! -Dead bodies!又是一条索非亚的短信
劫后余生(Aftershock) 第03期2017-02-23
她那时开始喜欢我 That's when she started liking me.她就是喜欢表面文章 She's so superficial.莫妮卡 莫妮卡 Monica! Monica!保罗刚邀请我们去瓦尔帕莱索 Pollo just invited us to Valparaiso
劫后余生(Aftershock) 第02期2017-02-23
好吧 我爱你 OK. Love you.你是美国人 You're American? -是啊 -那真是... -Yes. -That's really...我也是 I'm... Obviously me too.我从...你从哪里来 I'm from... Where you from? -
劫后余生(Aftershock) 第01期2017-02-23
葡萄园占地面积超过三千英亩 The vineyards currently take up over thirty thousand acres,共育有五种不同的葡萄 where we grow five different varieties of wine,即解百纳 苏维浓 梅洛 设拉子 C
劫持(Hijacked) 第12期2017-02-23
布鲁斯 Bruce!布鲁斯 Bruce!喂 Yeah? 我是罗斯 布鲁斯的特等舱正着火呢 It's Ross. Bruce's state room is burning.我们得让这飞机降落 We got to get this thing down.我们还有10分钟 做好准备 会有一点颠
劫持(Hijacked) 第11期2017-02-23
因此我别无选择 只能 I therefore have no alternative but to提名我自己来当公司的一把手 nominate myself as Executor of the Company.爱姆伍德先生 请坐吧 Mr. Elmwood, take a seat.同志们
劫持(Hijacked) 第10期2017-02-23
非不得以 好好躲着 我会尽快回来的 好吗 Until then, stay out of sight. I'll back as soon as I can, alright? -哎 保罗 小心点 -没事的 -Hey, Paul. Be careful. -I'll be okay.现在你们听好
劫持(Hijacked) 第09期2017-02-23
演技不错嘛 Very convincing.奥托 你说 到底出什么事了 Otto, talk to me, what the hell is going on? 很抱歉 里布先生 索斯韦尔先生有点不舒服 Mr. Lieb, my apologise. But Mr. Southwell is i
劫持(Hijacked) 第08期2017-02-23
对不起了 老大 Sorry, boss.走 We're a go.咋回事 What the fuck? !至于这样吗 Was that necessary? -不好意思 我太鸡动了 -控制好你自己吧 -Sorry, I got excited. -Try to control yourself
劫持(Hijacked) 第07期2017-02-23
这种危言耸听了 this relentless obsession of yours你知道我是怎么想的吗 and you know what I think? 我想如果真的存在威胁 I think if there's actually a real threat...如果中情局真的认为是种威
劫持(Hijacked) 第06期2017-02-22
装有视频 可以直接与座舱内对话 Direct video feed, straight into the state room.布鲁斯 这有位罗斯探员想和你说几句 Bruce, Agent Ross's here to speak to you.谢谢 Thanks不好意思 奥托 他们在车里等
劫持(Hijacked) 第05期2017-02-22
那金发妞怎么了 What's about that blonde? 那金发妞嫁给了里布最大捐款人中的一个 That blonde is married to one of Lib's biggest donors是啊 他们都还年轻 Yeah, they're both kinda young.
劫持(Hijacked) 第04期2017-02-22
从你即将到来的善举开始 Starting with your upcoming benefit.所以电视虽然很贵 但它却最具冲击力 So television is expensive, but it got the most impacts.我省下来的明天用于走红地毯 I saved the
劫持(Hijacked) 第03期2017-02-22
真他妈蠢蛋 Fucking idiot.开枪啊 衰婆 Do it, bitch.不 No...不 不 不 No. No. No.告诉我 在中情局的行动中发生了什么 So tell me, how does it happen...军情六处损失了5个人 ..during CIA opera
劫持(Hijacked) 第02期2017-02-22
谢谢 Thank you.-布鲁斯 布鲁斯 里布 -乔 巴拉德 -Bruce. Bruce Lieb. -Joe Ballard.-这是我妹妹 米雪 -你好 -This is my sister, Michelle. -Hello.-幸会 -巴拉德 干情报的 对吧 -Pleasure. -B
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