虎豹小霸王(Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) 第01期2017-01-16
-晚安 派特 -晚安 -Good night, Pat. -Good night.出什么事了? 这家老银行过去很漂亮 What happened? Old bank was beautiful.老是被人抢劫 People kept robbing it.为了漂亮总是要付出点儿代价的 It's
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第12期2017-01-16
妈的 快出去 现在 Shit! Get out! Now!操 Fuck! Fuck!朱莉 Julie? 朱莉 Julie? -尼克 -不 -Nick? -No!朱莉 不要 我操 No, Julie! Fuck!-哦 朱莉 哦 上帝 -发生什么了 -Oh, Julie! Oh, my God
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第11期2017-01-16
我知道你想要什么 不是这样的 I know what you want, and it's not this.-人是会变的 -我们没变 -Things change. -Not us.朱莉 我们可以重新开始 Julie, we can start over.就给我个机会吧 Just give
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第10期2017-01-16
但还是让我们面对现实吧 那个生意你搞砸了 but let's face it... you blew it on that one.你在说什么啊 What are you talking about? 你在圣诞节期间跟他们谈生意 You approached them during Christ
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第09期2017-01-16
尽量保持所有改变 ∮ Try to keep all amends ∮你的家 ∮ Your home ∮你深刻知道它 ∮ You hardly know it ∮-哦 上帝 -你去哪儿了 -Oh! Jesus! -Where were you? 我都等了2个小时了 I was waiting
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第08期2017-01-16
我的确好极了 I'd say so.给我回电话 都几个星期没见了 我知道你很忙 Call me. I haven't seen you for weeks. I know you're busy,但是得让我知道你过得怎样啊 but let me know how you are.为合作成功干
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第07期2017-01-16
不好意思 Excuse me.嘿 嘿 Hey. Hey.嘿 Hey.这有关于我们的未来 我现在总算可以看到了 It's about the big picture. I finally see it now.所有的一切杂事 只是杂事 All that other stuff is just
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第06期2017-01-16
好了 我们开始吧 All right, people, let's get right to it.我已经警告过你们 You've all heard me warn you about the problems关于一般创业公司所面临的问题 of the average start-up co
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第05期2017-01-16
我们去庆祝我的生日 会很有趣的 We'll celebrate my birthday. It'll be fun.-好的 -我快准备好了 -Okay. -I'm gonna go get ready. All right.好的 Okay.我知道这听起来多怪异 只是 I know how w
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第04期2017-01-16
你急忙赶到会议现场 You rush over to the job site照几张jpeg图片 赶去开会 snap a couple of jpegs, get to your meeting.先生们 你们拥有的 And gentlemen, what you've got只是你口袋里的一
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第03期2017-01-15
好了 非常好 Okay. Nice.亲爱的你知道吗 你可以和我一起搬到纽约去 You know what, baby? You can move to New York with me,我们可以做一对落魄的艺术家 and we could be starving artists togethe
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第02期2017-01-15
-真的吗 -和你一起 -Really? -With you.-好的 -相机给我 -Okay. -Camera, please.-是的 长官 -穿上外衣 -Yes, sir. -Put this on.-好的 -这真令人激动 -All right. -This is kind of excit
蝴蝶效应2(The Butterfly Effect 2) 第01期2017-01-15
景色真美 This spot is beautiful.嗯 的确是 Yeah, it really is.你们真幸运 我小时候可不是在这么美的地方长大的 You guys are lucky. I didn't have a place like this where I grew up.你在
蝴蝶春梦(The Collector) 第09期2017-01-15
只剩你不愿意去努力 You just won't try.一定要那么快回地窖吗 Must I go straight back to the cellar? 我们可以一起在这边坐一下 Couldn't we sit downstairs for a bit? 好阿 All right.有饮料吗
蝴蝶春梦(The Collector) 第08期2017-01-15
我做了一些晚饭在楼上 I made some supper upstairs.这洋装真是 好看极了 The dress is... is lovely.不 不 Oh, no.那些都过去了 That's all over.如此精心布置 Why, it's lovely.我准备了一些香槟 和
蝴蝶春梦(The Collector) 第07期2017-01-15
你都会和别人争论 看吧 你的认同只是在唬弄我 You would have argued, wouldn't you? You see, you won't really talk to me.才不是这样 That's not true.好吧 All right.你告诉我这本书哪里棒 You
蝴蝶春梦(The Collector) 第06期2017-01-15
我喜欢这幅 I like this one.这送给你 不用给报酬 It's yours, for nothing.可以帮我签名吗 Would you sign it? 噢 好的 Oh, yes.囚禁者 Prisoner...第1436号 number 1436.遭疯子绑架 他名叫杰拉尔德
蝴蝶春梦(The Collector) 第05期2017-01-15
在那边 In there.如果不试着逃脱 那我也不算一个好的囚犯 I wouldn't be a good prisoner if I didn't try to escape.这些是我的嗜好 It's my hobby.这些东西我一生都在搜集 I've been collecting al
蝴蝶春梦(The Collector) 第04期2017-01-15
他看起来似乎有点老 He seemed old to me.那个跟你在一起的家伙 The chap I saw you with.你知道 就是你的伙伴 You know, the painter.他看起来有点老 He seemed old.你认识他很久了吗 Have you known h
蝴蝶春梦(The Collector) 第03期2017-01-15
你看不出来我并没有疯吗 和你立这些协议 Can't you see I haven't made all these arrangements...只希望你愿意待上比一个星期更多的时间 just so you'd stay for one week more? 一周的时间不够 It's not
蝴蝶春梦(The Collector) 第02期2017-01-14
然后接着你拿到奖学金 And then, when you got the scholarship...而跑到伦敦来 and went to London...我以为我从此会忘了你 I thought I'd forget you.当再次见到你 我 From the first time I
蝴蝶春梦(The Collector) 第01期2017-01-14
可以说是人迹罕至吧 I suppose it was the loneliness...而且远离尘嚣 and being far away from anyplace...两个原因让我决定买下这栋建筑 that made me decide to buy the house.在我买下之后 我告
狐狸与猎狗2:永远的朋友(The Fox and the Hound 2) 第10期2017-01-14
我真的很抱歉 I sure am sorry.我也很抱歉 Yeah, I'm sorry too.嘿 我有一个好主意 你先等着 Hey, I just got a great idea. Hang on.-我有东西给你看 -谢谢 可我没东西送你 -I got somethin' for ya
狐狸与猎狗2:永远的朋友(The Fox and the Hound 2) 第09期2017-01-14
我家的畜牲 是你的猎狗 噢 天啊 My critter? It's your huntin'... Oh, my...等我抓到你再要你好看 Oh, when I get my hands on you.撑住 陶德 我来了 Hang on, Tod. I'm comin'.我看到你了 I've
狐狸与猎狗2:永远的朋友(The Fox and the Hound 2) 第08期2017-01-14
我们都唱了一整个晚上了 Oh, but Cash, we've been at it all night.如果有必要的话 我们还会再唱一整个白天 And we'll be at it all day if that's what it takes.这不仅仅是一般的表演 This ain't j
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