English in a Minute:Sleep Like a Rock2016-07-24
How does a rock sleep? And how do you sleep like one? Find out in this weeks episode of English in a Minute!
English in a Minute:Shoot the Breeze2016-07-23
If youre shooting the breeze with friends, what exactly are you doing? Find out in this weeks episode of English in a Minute!
English in a Minute:Bend the Rules2016-07-23
If you bend the rules, are you breaking the rules? Find out how to use this idiom in this weeks episode of English in a Minute!
English in a Minute:Put (Something) on Hold2016-07-23
This expression can be used in many different situations. Learn a few of them in this weeks episode of English in a Minute!
English in a Minute:Off the Cuff2016-07-22
What does it mean to do something off the cuff? Ashley, Anna and Jonathan teach you how to use this idiom, as well as where the expression came from!
English in a Minute:Not Have a Leg to Stand on2016-07-22
Have you ever been told your argument does not have a leg to stand on? Find out what this idiom means in this weeks English in a Minute!
English in a Minute:Out of Your Mind2016-07-22
Is someone who is "out of their mind" thinking straight? Learn what this expression means, and how to use it in a conversation!
English in a Minute:Open Book2016-07-21
Does this phrase to do with reading? Probably not, so let's find out what it means.
English in a Minute:Nip it in the Bud2016-07-21
"To nip" means to cut. A bud is a young flower. So, what could this idiom mean? Find out!
English in a Minute:Where There's Smoke There's Fire2016-07-21
If you smell smoke, you usually know there is fire. But, you don't actually need to call the fire department if you hear someone say this expression! Do you have a similar expression in your language?
English in a Minute:Down to Earth2016-07-20
Someone who is down to earth is definitely not a drama queen, which we learned in last weeks episode. But what exactly does this phrase mean?
English in a Minute:Drama Queen2016-07-20
This phrase actually does not have anything to do with royalty. Do you know someone who is a drama queen?
English in a Minute:Keep One's Eyes Peeled2016-07-20
To peel means to pull back a layer. But, does this idiom really mean you pull back your eyelid? Figure out what it means with this episode of English in a Minute.
English in a Minute:Back to Square One2016-07-19
Where and what is square one? And why would you want to return to it? Watch this video to figure out how to use this common American English expression.
English in a Minute:Know the Ropes2016-07-19
This idiom probably comes from sailing. But what does it mean? Find out here!
English in a Minute:The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree2016-07-19
When an apple drops from an apple tree, it does not fall far from it. But what does it mean when you say this about a person?
English in a Minute:Another One Bites the Dust2016-07-18
Another One Bites the Dust is a famous song by the band Queen. But what does it mean and how do you use this American English idiom?
English in a Minute:Last-Ditch Effort2016-07-18
A last-ditch effort sounds like a difficult thing to do. Learn how to use this expression with this one-minute video.
English in a Minute:Poker Face2016-07-18
What does a poker face look like? We tell you about the idiom poker face in this one minute video.
English in a Minute:Blow Off Steam2016-07-17
This expression comes from the days of steam engines. Our one minute video tells you all about what blowing off steam means.
English in a Minute:Up the Creek Without a Paddle2016-07-17
This is an expression for a difficult situation. Watch this video and learn all about what it means to be up the creek without a paddle.
English in a Minute:Junk Food2016-07-17
What expression describes food that you may like but is not very health? This video will tell you all about junk food.
English in a Minute:Fly by the Seat of One's Pants2016-07-16
You Dont have to be a pilot to fly by the seat of your pants. Watch this video and find out about this expression.
English in a Minute:Food for Thought2016-07-16
Have you ever heard this expression in American English? Find out what it means by watching this video.
English in a Minute:Got up on the Wrong Side of the Bed2016-07-16
What does this American English idiom mean? Does it sound confusing. Get the message straight with this video and learn all about getting up on the wrong side of the bed.