voa慢速英语:How a Housing Bubble Burst Into a Global ...2009-08-04
Some people think the policies of the Greenspan years helped create the conditions for that "tsunami." But there are many players in the story of the financial crisis, a crisis that raised fears of a Second Great Depression.
Companion planting is the idea that when some crops are planted together, they help each other grow. These compatible plants generally have similar needs for nutrients, soil and moisture.
Leonard Bernstein lived from nineteen eighteen until nineteen ninety. During his seventy-two years he was one of America's most hard-working musicians. He was a composer, conductor, pianist and teacher.
Way up north, Alaska is called the Last Frontier for understandable reasons. Near the Arctic Circle, it was the final part of the nation to be explored and settled.
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He said that after he defeated American Michael Phelps in the two hundred meter freestyle. And he did it faster than the world record time Phelps set last year at the Beijing Olympics.
In November, a cold, unseen stranger came to visit the city. This disease, pneumonia, killed many people. Johnsy lay on her bed, hardly moving. She looked through the small window. She could see the side of the brick house next to her building.
[VOA发展报道]Dangerous Lead-Based Paint Common Around the World2005-08-31
A new study shows that lead-based paint remains a worldwide threat to public health. Paint containing lead is a major cause of lead poisoning in children.
[VOA今日美国]Beyond 'Law Order': The US Jury System2005-08-31
This is the fourth day in the case of a man accused of assault with a deadly weapon. We could not bring in a recorder, but the courtroom is mostly quiet except for the lawyers, witnesses and judge talking.
[VOA经济报道]Obama Nominates Bernanke for a Second Term2005-08-29
Another report on Thursday showed a small drop in the number of newly jobless workers last week. There was also a drop in the number of people on long-term unemployment assistance.
[VOA教育报道]Going Digital: California's Textbook Project2005-08-27
California approves traditional textbooks in six-year cycles. Digital ones can offer the latest information. They lighten the load of school bags. They save paper and trees, and make learning more fun and interactive. And lastly he said they help schools with their finances.
[VOA建国史话]The North Loses the First Major Battle of the War2005-08-27
Scott believed it would be a long war. He planned to spend the first year of it getting ready to fight. He had an army of thousands of men, and it would get much larger in coming months. But this army was not trained. His soldiers were civilians who knew nothing about fighting a war. General Scott needed time to make soldiers of these men.
[VOA自然探索]Death Valley: A Beautiful but Dangerous Place2005-08-26
Death Valley is a land of beautiful yet dangerous extremes. There are mountains that reach more than three thousand meters into the sky. There is a place called Badwater that is the lowest area of land in the Western Hemisphere. If there were water there, it would be eighty-six meters below the level of the ocean.
[VOA科学报道]Part-Time Astronomer Makes a Rare Discovery2005-08-25
Space discoveries are usually made by scientists whose job is to study astronomy. After all, they observe the skies with huge ground-based and costly space telescopes. But last month, a computer programmer from Australia made an exciting discovery of an unusual event in Earth's solar system.
[VOA农业报道]Watching Out for 'Wicked Plants'2005-08-25
Just because a plant looks nice does not mean you should eat it. Farmers learn this lesson tragically sometimes when their animals feed on wild plants. In fact, some of the nicest looking plants in the world are best enjoyed from a distance.
[VOA今日美国]Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Girl Detective2005-08-24
Susan Larson grew up and became a librarian. She works in the Fairfax County Public Library, the largest system in Virginia. She still talks warmly about the Nancy Drew series which has been around for almost eighty years.
[VOA发展报道]'Non-Formal' Schools Aim to Fill Need in Kenya's Slums2005-08-24
In two thousand three, the government of Kenya established a program of free primary education for all children. But there are not enough public schools for all the children who live in the crowded slums of Nairobi.
[VOA万花筒]Under the Sea With SpongeBob SquarePants2005-08-22
Stephen Hillenburg thinks SpongeBob's personality is what made the show so popular. The sponge is honest, child-like, sweet and funny. His love for his work is one of the show's great humor devices.
[VOA教育报道]In New Jersey, a Summer Jobs Program With a Bigger Purpose2005-08-22
The United States has lost almost seven million jobs since the recession began in December of two thousand seven. The good news: the central bank says economic activity appears to be "leveling out."
[VOA经济报道]Recession Easing, but Many Americans Still Afraid to Spend2005-08-22
Stock prices took a roller-coaster ride this week -- down one day, up the next. Experts say the situation is likely to continue until investors feel more sure about signs of economic recovery.
[VOA建国史话]American History Series: The Civil War's First Days2005-08-20
Years of disagreement between the North and the South finally burst into civil war in April of eighteen sixty-one. Seven states in the South had withdrawn from the Union. Soldiers of the new Confederate States of America shelled the Union base at Fort Sumter, built on an island in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. They captured Fort Sumter after two days.
[VOA自然探索]Eye to Eye With an Elephant, on Safari in Africa2005-08-19
Your expert guide drives you through the entrance to Chobe National Park in Botswana. All around, you can see the huge pink sky at sunrise. The trees and thick grass move slightly in the wind. Then, suddenly you hear the movement of leaves nearby.
[VOA健康报道]Study Links Aspirin to Colon Cancer Survival2005-08-19
People since ancient times have used aspirin-like medicines to fight pain and reduce high body temperature.
[VOA科学报道]When Bad Words Can Make You Feel Good2005-08-18
Governments around the world have been taking steps to guard against the H1N1 influenza virus, commonly known as swine flu. Health officials say the virus is especially risky for pregnant women. If they become infected, especially after the first three months of pregnancy, they can get very sick or even die.
[VOA今日美国]America's 'Lost Colony': A Story Whose Ending Remains to Be Written2005-08-18
The one hundred seventeen men, women and children were not the first white people to try to live on the island. A group of more than one hundred Englishmen had arrived two years earlier, in fifteen eighty-five. But they arrived too late in the year to plant crops, and their supplies nearly ran out. They also fought with Indians. The Englishmen returned home the following year.
[VOA农业报道]In Afghanistan, Preparing for a Threat to Wheat Plants2005-08-18
The disease kills wheat plants by robbing them of water and nutrients. Stem rust produces reddish-brown spots on the stems of infected plants. The weakened stems break easily. The world's last major outbreak of stem rust took place in the nineteen fifties.