Health officials say the virus is especially risky for pregnant women. If they become infected, especially after the first three months of pregnancy, they can get very sick or even die.
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The treadle pump is based on a design developed in the nineteen seventies by Norwegian engineer Gunnar Barnes. It can be made locally. A group based in the United States, IDE, International Development Enterprises, has created programs in different countries.
Britain's first settlement of families in America was supposed to be along the Chesapeake Bay. The colonists, however, settled on Roanoke Island instead of sailing farther north. No one knows why.
voa慢速英语:Walter Cronkite, 1916-2009: For Years, a Trusted TV Newsman2009-08-16
For almost twenty years, that was how Walter Cronkite would end his newscasts. Americans all knew him. So did many world leaders. Today's news anchors could only hope for such recognition. He was often called the most trusted man in America.
The mid-Atlantic state of Maryland is called the Free State. A Baltimore newspaper first called it that during the nineteen twenties when the manufacture and sale of alcohol were banned for a time. Maryland said it wanted to be free from this prohibition.
voa慢速英语:Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Tireless Activist for the Mentally Disabled2009-08-15
Thousands of mourners gathered Friday on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for the funeral of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. She started the Special Olympics for athletes with mental disabilities. She died Tuesday at the age of eighty-eight.
One story is that the word was used to mean poor farmers or uneducated people. No wonder the state legislature instead calls Indiana "The Crossroads of America." Iowa's nickname, the "Hawkeye State," is in honor of Black Hawk, an Indian chief who spent most of his life in neighboring Illinois!
Each performer had sixty seconds to perform his or her song. Many of the performers wore funny clothing and wore their hair in unusual styles. They made up names to go with their air guitar characters.
Just before sunrise on April twelfth, eighteen sixty-one, the first shot was fired in the American Civil War. A heavy mortar roared, sending a shell high over the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina. The shell dropped and exploded above Fort Sumter, a United States military base on an island in the harbor.
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Last week, we discussed a new study of injuries in physical education classes in American schools. The number of students taken to hospitals increased one and a half times from nineteen ninety-seven to two thousand seven. Few injuries were serious. Then why treat them at emergency rooms? One possible reason: a shortage of school nurses.
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Strokes are a major cause of death and disability. A stroke is a loss of blood flow in the brain. There are two kinds. An ischemic stroke happens when a blood vessel in the brain gets blocked. A hemorrhagic, or bleeding, stroke happens when a blood vessel breaks.
These rivers link together and form the beginnings of the Colorado River. The Colorado River flows through, or provides water for, the states of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. Then it crosses the border into Mexico.
In cases like this, seek medical help as soon as possible. Save the container of whatever caused the poisoning. And look on the container for information about anything that stops the effects of the poison.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解:调查发现某些海洋鱼类开始恢复2009-08-11
Three years ago, a study of overfishing led to sharp debate. It warned that the world's ocean fish could be almost gone by the middle of the century. Now, a new study offers more hope. It shows that the risk of fisheries collapse has recently decreased in some areas -- some, but not all.
voa慢速英语讲解:Tanya Pinto:让世界更美好2009-08-10
In two thousand five, Tanya Pinto was a successful young businesswoman in Dallas, Texas. But she decided to take three months off from work at an advertising company to visit her birthplace, India.
That was Country Joe McDonald and the Fish with a song protesting the Vietnam War, a big issue in nineteen sixty-nine. In all, about thirty acts performed at Woodstock, ranging from Arlo Guthrie to Jimi Hendrix to Ravi Shankar. The opening act was Richie Havens.
Transportation and law enforcement officials, safety activists and others will discuss how to deal with drivers who do other things as they drive. Talking on the phone has long been an issue. But text-messaging while driving has gained more attention recently following a number of deadly crashes.
Students who live away from their families are generally housed in dormitories at least for their first year. Men and women often live in the same building, though they may live on separate floors.
Kim Jong Il gave Laura Ling and Euna Lee what North Korean media called a special pardon. The women were arrested in March near the border with China. They were sentenced in June to face twelve years of hard labor for illegally entering North Korea. They were working for Current TV, a media company chaired by Mister Clinton's former vice president, Al Gore.
On a cold and cloudy day in March of eighteen sixty-one, Abraham Lincoln became the sixteenth president of the United States. In his inaugural speech, the new president announced the policy that he would follow toward the southern states that had left the Union.
Too much eating. Too many unhealthy foods. Too many advertisements for food. Too little activity.
The H1N1 flu virus that has spread around the world is especially risky for pregnant women. If they become infected, especially after the first three months of pregnancy, they can get very sick or even die. Cases of fetal death have also been reported.
voa慢速英语:World's Fringe Festivals Celebrate the Unusual...2009-08-06
Today, it is the largest arts festival in the world. Starting on Friday, this year's festival will run for more than three weeks. Over two thousand shows will be performed in over two hundred and fifty different places around Edinburgh. Performers and visitors travel to the city from around the world for this event.
Yet doctors in the United States say babies begin learning on their first day of life. The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is a federal government agency. Its goal is to identify which experiences can influence healthy development in people.
The first involves sheep. Researchers have found that hair sheep are a good source of blood for use in tests to diagnose infectious diseases in people.