Republicans are firing back at President Obama after he accused the GOP of holding middling Americans ‘hostage’. They say the Bush-era tax cuts should be extended for everyone, including wealthier Americans.
Foreign donors have promised 16 billion dollars in aid to Afghanistan over the next four years. It's intended to help that country stabilize after foreign troops leave in 2014. As NPR's Jim Hawk reports.
A heat wave is pressing states from Iowa to New Jersey. Temperatures are soaring to the triple digits while some people in the Mid-Atlantic States are still waiting for air conditioning.
The June jobs report shows unemployment holding steady at 8.2%. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney seizing on that today, saying that rate remains unacceptably high. As New Hampshire Public Radio’s Josh Rogers reports Romney was quick to blame President Obama.
Where you used to go 20 minutes, now it takes an hour and a half, you know, so the transportation is going to be the difficulties, getting the food they are getting in, making sure it's hot and it's safe for the family to have.
Frustration is growing from Virginia to Indiana where more than a million homes and businesses have been enduring a heat wave without electricity since last Friday’s thunder storms.
More people are returning to their homes in Colorado Springs, however, some are fighting that their homes have been reduced to ashes. The Waldo Canyon fires destroyed hundreds of homes.
GlaxoSmithKline is settling a historical health care fraud case for 3 billion dollars. The drug maker has agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges that it promoted its drugs for unauthorized uses and failed to disclose pertinent(相关的) information to the FDA.
Millions of people in eastern states are still without electricity in a heat wave after major storms swept the region Friday night. Utility has warned it may be days before powers are restored to everyone. But NPR’s Alison Keyes reports some people are sticking to their normal routine.
An international conference meeting in Geneva today approved a plan designed to end the violence in Syria. It calls for all parties to work together to form a transitional government. It does not say whether President Bashar Assad would have any role in the new regime. NPR’s Michele Kelemen reports.
Congress has cleared three major items off of its 'to do' list. NPR's Tamara Keith reports both the House and Senate today passed a measure combining the highway bill, a long term flood insurance extension and another year of reduce student loan interest rates.
The Administration’s historic health care law that has been under attack since day one has survived the US Supreme Court. In a 5 to 4 ruling, the Court announced today that the Affordable Care Act, including its individual insurance mandate, were constitutional under Congress’s power to impose taxes.
A fast moving wildfire is spreading into the Colorado Springs city limits. More than 32,000 people have been ordered to evacuate, at least six subdivisions have been included.
A major boost today for the Obama administration, a federal appeals court has endorsed the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to reign in greenhouse gases. NPR’s Elizabeth Shogren reports the court’s unanimous opinion could be seen as a victory for President Obama’s environmental legacy.
Supporters and opponents of the Arizona immigration law are claiming victory in a supreme court ruling today. The court said local law enforcement may not arrest illegal immigrants and the state may not make it a crime for immigrants to work without a permit.
There is a state of emergency in Louisiana, with Governor Bobby Jindal, advising a strengthening tropical storm could flood low-lying coastal areas. Meanwhile, forecasters say tropical storm Debby will continue to move slowly through the Gulf of Mexico.
Jurors deliberating the child sexual abuse case of Jerry Sandusky had their differences, but were committed to a fair outcome, according to one member of the jury. Joshua Harper told NBC’s Today Show that the evidence against the former Penn State assisting coach was very strong.
President Obama’s aids are hoping to draw far more Latino votes this selection year than in 2008 and his appearance in central Florida today may have helped.
The jury in the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse case has begun to deliberation in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. NPR’s Jeff Brady reports the former Penn State assisting coach faces 48 counts of sexually abusing children.
US stocks are turning lower. Investors, moreover, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's more cautious assessment today of the US's economy growth.
JP Morgan Chase maintains the bank was up fraught with investors about its 2 billion dollars plus trading loss, * it’s under investigation by federal regulators. For the second time in less than a week, CEO Jamie Dimon has testified before congressional panel.
President Obama says the latest parliamentary voting Greece offers a positive prospect for restoring financial confidence in Europe. NPR's Scott Horsley reports, Europe is the main focus of an economic summit meeting that Mr. Obama's attending in Mexico.
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Caution appears to be returning the global markets after the initial rally over news that Spain banks would get an EU bailout. Lauren Frayer reports from Madrid Spanish markets have closed flat, and the country's borrowing costs have shot back up to the same levels as before the rescue announcement was made.
The Mitt Romney's bus tour is in Pennsylvania today. The Republican presidential candidate is visiting smaller cities and towns in six states. Here is he in Weatherly at the Weatherly Casting and Machine Company, about 90 miles northeast of Philadelphia.