Italian divers have found the 13th body on the capsized Costa Concordia. Authorities say the woman was wearing a life vest and was found in the rear of a submerged portion of the ship. As NPR’s Sylvia Poggioli reports the search of the wreckage continues.
A rainy day is in parts of South Caronia not stopping primary voters today. Charleston resident Bill,mico voter for Newt Gingrich. I like Philosophy, I like Seabee that can make slump.
The Supreme Court has tossed out new legislative maps in the state of Texas only weeks before primary elections. In a unanimous order, the justices say a lower court in Texas that overhauled the maps did not use appropriate standards. NPR's Carrie Johnson reports four new seats in the US House are at stake.
Four Republican presidential candidates remain just hours ahead of a debate in South Carolina. Texas Governor Rick Perry is out.
The GOP-led House is likely to vote against an increase of the debt ceiling today, but that's not expected to go far in the Democratic-run Senate and with the threat of a presidential veto. NPR's Andrea Seabrook is on Capitol Hill. She says the House's actions on this debt limit bill is largely symbolic.
At least 11 people are confirmed dead and more than 20 remaining missing from a shipwreck off the coast of Tuscany. Several more bodies were located today aboard the Costa Concordia, the cruise liner that struck rocks last Friday and capsized.
Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is suspending his campaign for the White House and is endorsing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. We have details from NPR's Don Gonyea in Myrtle Beach.
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We are seeing US stocks mixed today with investors seeing weaker than expected jobs data. NPR's Jims Rolly reports that first time unemployment claims rose to their highest level in six weeks.
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The US needs to reward companies for keeping jobs in United States,that message from President Obama today.He held a meeting this morning at the white house with business executives and cabinet members, and the topic was jobs.
Recent US stocks mixed today, investors seeing weaker than expected job update,NPR Jim Zarroli reports it's the first time unemployment claimed rose to itshighest level in 6 weeks.
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Republican presidential hopefuls in New Hampshire are spending the last day before that state's primary sparring with each other.
Voting is underway across New Hampshire for the first in the nation primary. The Republican candidates have spent recent days heavily wooing undecided voters. In Manchester, NPR's Lakshmi Singh encountered with some staunch Republicans who say they have been undecided because they are less than enamored with this year's candidates.
Basketball players are back in the White House today. This time it’s the Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA World champs. They staged a season-ending charge to beat Lebron James at Miami Heat and claimed their first title.
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President Obama is signed stepping the GOP opposition in congress to appoint the head of new consumer protection bureau .Today I'm appointing Richard Cordray as America's consumer watchdog.
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Economy is moving on the right directions, we are creating jobs on a consistent basis. We are not going to let up, not until everybody who wants to find a good job can find one.
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is on the campaigntraining the New Hampshire urging the supporters to go to poll on Tuesdayprimary. At the same time, New Hampshire public radio Josh Rogers reportsRomney is also looking towards South Caronia.
President Obama pointed December's drop in the unemployment rate as furthervalidation of his economic policies.
TheObama administration is rolling at new military strategy aimed to observingfederal budget cuts.NPR Tom Bowman reports President Obama unveiled the plantoday as Defense secretary noted was inevitable as changing world. DefenseSecretary Leon Panetta says there will be cut in sides of Army and Marine Corps.
President Obama is signed stepping the GOP opposition in congress toappoint the head of new consumer protection bureau .Today I'm appointingRichard Cordray as America consumer watchdog.
TheRepublican presidential candidates are making one last push for vote in Iowa whereGOP voters will caucus today night in the nation's first presidential contest.NPRDavid Schaper is travelling with former house speaker Newt Gingrich's campaign.
In presidential politics Rick Santorum is spending this last day before the Iowa caucuses, trying to keep his momentum going. The latest poll show Mitt Romney is still favored among the GOP candidates, but only narrowly. A margin Santorum is hoping to bridge.
That’s Patrick Tucker, the deputy editor of Futures Magazine. He also expects tax books will be obsolete within the next 10 years, and that the nanotechnology used in digital cameras could soon help restore sight to the blind.
Parts of Nigeria are under state of emergency today. President Goodluck Jonathan made declaration and ordered the closure of some international borders. He acted after several recent attacks which blamed Muslim sect once post to real law in Nigeria.