英国广播公司British Broadcasting Corporation),简称BBC,BBC world news是英国的一家政府资助但却独立运作的媒体,长久以来一直被认为是全球最受尊敬的媒体之一。



BBC Radio 4:Imam Dr Usama Hasan - 15/06/20182018-06-19
Eid Mubarak! Over the next few days, beginning today, more than a billion people around the world will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim festival that ends the month-long fasting during Ramadan.
Hello, this is Kathy Clugston with the BBC News. The US state of New York is suing the Trump Foundation, the president himself and three of his children for allegedly violating electoral and other la
BBC新闻[翻译]:沙特联军攻击胡塞武装 法官批准AT&T并购时代华纳2018-06-17
BBC news with Kathy Clarkston. Saudi-led forces have begun a threatened assault to force Houthi rebels out of Yemens main port Hodeida. Reports say rebel positions are being bombarded from the a
BBC新闻[翻译]:特金会在新加坡顺利举行 金正恩邀请特朗普访问平壤2018-06-16
Hello, I'm Neil Nunes with the BBC News.North Korea's state news agency says Kim Jong-un has accepted an invitation from President Trump to visit the United States. The offer was made at the
BBC news with Jerry Smit. American and North Korean officials have been meeting in Singapore to try to narrow differences on denuclearization ahead of Tuesday summit between President Trump and Kim J
BBC Radio 4:Professor Robert Beckford - 14/06/20182018-06-16
For those of us who had no biological ties to the men, women and children who died in the fire, what does it mean for us to remember them not as 'casualties' or 'victims', but as people who were parents, siblings, co-workers, friends, members of a community?
Hello, Im Julie Candler with the BBC News. President Trump says in a tweet that the world will know soon enough whether a real deal between the United States and North Korea can happen. When Mr.
BBC Radio 4:Rt Rev Graham James - 13/06/20182018-06-15
If the joint communique yesterday was vague on detail the whole event could still turn out to be a game changer for the Korean Peninsula and the wider world. We just don’t know yet.
BBC Radio 4:Lord Singh - 12/06/20182018-06-14
My computer and I are not the best of friends. It sometimes accuses me of being a robot, or not even knowing my own date of birth! Fortunately, when it is in one of its really ratty moods, I can usually re-set it, back to a date when it was working properly, or make it behave itself, by closing it, and restarting.
BBC Radio 4:Rev Dr Jane Leach - 11/06/20182018-06-14
The countdown to the FIFA world cup is well under way and as we psych ourselves up for whatever this tournament will bring pub conversation returns to historic scenes of victory and defeat and the passing on from one generation to another of our sacred history…
BBC新闻[翻译]:G7峰会在加拿大举行 特朗普会晤金正恩2018-06-13
Hello, this is the BBC News with Fiona Macdonald. European leaders at the G7 summit in Canada are insisting on a commitment to a rules-based trade framework in a closing communique. Officials say Pre
BBC Radio 4:Dr Chetna Kang - 09/06/20182018-06-13
Plastic is the children’s word of the year. It was the most commonly occurring word in around 137,000 essays entered into BBC radio two’s young writers competition. I expect this is because of the increased public awareness about the impact plastic is having on our environment, particularly sea life.
Hello, Im Marion Marshall with the BBC News. The International Criminal Court has overturned the war crimes conviction of the former Congolese Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba. He was also acqui
BBC news with Jonathan Izard. An undercovering investigation by a Ghanaian journalist has filmed more than 100 African football officials accepting cash in apparent violation of the rules of the spor
Hello, Im Eileen McKue with the BBC News. The US Secretary of State has said Kim Jong-un has indicated to him personally that North Korea is prepared to denuclearize. Mike Pompeo said both sides
BBC Radio 4:Rhidian Brook - 08/06/20182018-06-10
Let us spare a thought for the thousands of students sitting exams today. Whilst writing this my own daughter was sitting an A Level English paper on Hamlet, and probably trying to spell quintessence as well remember what it means.
This is the BBC News. Hello, Im Jonathan Izard. Guatemalan emergency official say nearly 200 people are missing following the eruption of the Fuego Volcano on Sunday, the first time theyve
BBC新闻[翻译]:危地马拉的富埃戈火山爆发 200多人失踪2018-06-09
BBC news with Jonathan Izard. More than two hundred people are missing following the eruption of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala three days ago. The authorities say seventy-five people are confirmed t
BBC Radio 4:Tim Stanley - 07/06/20182018-06-09
Good morning. A new law in the German state of Bavaria says that a cross must be hung at the entrance to public buildings. The state’s premier Markus Soder, explains: We want to give a clear signal that people have a desire to stress their identity.
Im Stuart Mackintosh with the BBC News. Hello. The first funerals have taken place in Guatemala for people killed by the violent eruption of the Fuego Volcano.
BBC Radio 4:Rt Rev Graham James - 06/06/20182018-06-08
Good morning. As a nation we’ve developed the custom of marking tragic events and disasters with one minute’s silence. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in our secondary schools. So much so that yesterday I learned a new term – silence inflation.
BBC Radio 4:Philip North, the Bishop of Burnley - 31/05/20182018-06-07
When Primo Levi lay awake at night in a dormitory in Auschwitz he was haunted by a recurrent nightmare. He was back home with his family, recounting his experiences, but one by one his audience drifted away, unable or unwilling to hear what he said. His greatest fear was that no one would listen to his story.
BBC Radio 4:Reform Judaism - 05/06/20182018-06-07
Last night, the former President of South Africa, F. W. de Klerk spoke at the 75th dinner anniversary of the Council of Christians and Jews. In 1990 he’d released Nelson Mandela from prison after which the two men worked together to end Apartheid. Their capacity to cooperate with someone with whom they had previously disagreed changed history.
BBC Radio 4:Rev Dr Jane Leach - 04/06/20182018-06-07
Last week New Orleans televangelist Jesse Duplantis asked his followers to fund a $54m dollar private jet to enable him to fly anywhere in the world without refuelling.
BBC新闻[翻译]:西班牙新首相宣誓就职 美军不撤离朝鲜半岛2018-06-06
Hello, Im Rosemary Crick with the BBC News. Spains new Prime Minister, the Socialist Pedro Sanchez has been sworn into office by King Felipe. His party only has a quarter of the seats in Pa
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