BBC新闻[翻译]:阿联酋重开叙利亚大使馆 美国股市再次暴跌


BBC news with Jonathan Izard.

United Arab Emirates says it will reopen its embassy in Syria, providing a diplomatic boost for President Bashar al-Assad after more than 7 years of civil war. It's the latest sign that Syria is reconnecting with its neighbors.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has replaced his foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir as part of a cabinet reshuffle. The move follows prolonged international criticism of the authorities in Riyadh sparked by the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo have fired into the air and used tear gas against protesters angered by the exclusion of their regions from Sunday's planned presidential vote. Demonstrators in the eastern city of Beni attacked a transit area near an Ebola treatment center. The Ebola outbreak was one of the reasons given by officials for further delays in some regions.

The US senate is due to convene shortly as a damaging shutdown of parts of government continues for a sixth day. President Trump has criticized the democrats for blocking his amendment for the budget bill which will add $5 billion to build a wall along the border with Mexico. Analysts say the standoff is not likely to be resolved before the New Year.

There've been significant falls again on US stock markets as political and economic uncertainty hits confidence among investors. The Dow Jones Index was down by more than 2.5%, one point. Market volatility has been fueled by concerns about US government shutdown as well as fears of a faltering global economy.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Columbia next week to discuss the economic situation in neighboring Venezuela. About 1 million Venezuelans have crossed to Columbia over the past three years as the crisis has worsened. The Columbian president said he would meet Mr. Pompeo next Wednesday.

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