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President Trump has made a Christmas visit to US troops in Iraq, his first trip to see soldiers under his command in a combat zone. He comes days after his Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned in a dispute over the President’s decision to pull US forces out of Syria and look at a slash of the American contingent in Afghanistan.

Russia says it’s acquired a new type of nuclear capable hypersonic missile. The Russia President Vladimir Putin said the weapon could penetrate any existing or next-generation missile defense system. Moscow says the Avangard missile launched in the Ural Mountains hit a target 6,000 kilometers away.

Sunday’s presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been postponed until March in three areas. The authorities claimed insecurity under an outbreak of Ebola for the decision.

The electoral authorities in Afghanistan have delayed next year’s presidential poll by three months. Sources have told the BBC that many potential candidates have been unable to meet registration requirements, and extreme weather meant their teams could not be ready for the scheduled vote in April.

A father whose dead son has become a focus for anti-government protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina has been released after a night in police custody. Lawyers for Davor Dragicevic said police had no grounds for detaining him.

The price of gold has hit a six-month high amid fears of slowing global growth and economic volatility, especially in the United States. Confidence in US markets has been hit by a string of concerns, including the partial government shutdown caused by President Trump’s dispute with Congress over funding for his planned border wall.

A French adventurer has set off to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a barrel-shaped capsule, using ocean currents alone to propel him. 71-year-old Jean Jacques Savin left the Spanish Island of El Hierro and hopes to reach the Caribbean in some 4,500 kilometers away in as little as three months.

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一位男孩成为波斯尼亚―黑塞哥维亚反政府抗议的焦点。其父亲在警局被监禁一夜后得以释放。这位父亲名为Davor Dragicevic,其律师表示,警方没有理由监禁他。




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