Mexico which has been hit by the strongest hurricane in its recorded history, parts of the coastal town were completely flattened. Residents returning to see what’s left of their homes have to tread carefully among fallen trees, electric poles and debris. Local police and federal emergency services are providing aid. Rescuers are still searching for survivors. We have four canines with us. And we also then have to be prepared to take any victims that the rescue personnel locate in a collapse. Mexico Beach Police Chief Anthony Kelly says, officers know a lot of residents personally. So for the officers because we are a closed town, it’s emotional to them. He says members of his staff and other emergency services have gone out of their way to help.

I had one officer from the fire department walked here, he walked about ten or twelve miles coming back in to help Mexico Beach. I had several other officers coming down from 386 right after the impact of the storm, digging their way in just to get help to the community. The most pressing issue currently is a shortage of clean water supply and a broken-down sewage system. But with the help, people have to be careful about is drinking water because the water is gonna be contaminated, so there’s going to be some hygiene issues and public health issues for a while till they get the sewage system and the water system up and going. And that may take some time. Survivors of previous hurricanes in Florida say the rebuilding of devastated communities took many years.

Having lived through Hurricane Andrew in South Florida, it’s going to take a while because it’s just... it, it’s one day at a time. It.... it looks overwhelming to start, but you know, one day at a time, it’s gonna take years to get things back and up and running. When Hurricane Andrew struck in 1992, it was the most destructive storm to hit Florida until it was surpassed 25 years later by Hurricane Emma. Michael is the third most powerful hurricane to hit the continental United States.

Larisa Hoch VOA News Washington.



在南佛罗里达经历了安德鲁飓风之后,还需要一段时日才可以,因为这件事无法一蹴而就。万事开头难,但大家都懂积少成多的道理,需要很多年才能恢复重建。1992年安德鲁飓风来袭,这是佛州历史上破坏力最强的风暴。其后25年出现的飓风艾玛更胜一筹 。而迈克尔则堪称美国大陆历史上第三强的飓风。


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