CNN10分钟新闻:尼日利亚发生洪灾 致100余人死亡


Nigeria has both the largest population and largest economy of any African nation.

There are two major rivers in Nigeria, the Benue and Niger Rivers and both of them have flooded. The country is in it's rainy season. Flooding is common at that time. It's made worse by poorly planned communities and bad drainage systems but it's not usually this bad. More than 100 people have been killed in the rising waters. Thousands have had to leave their homes and farmland has been destroyed along with unharvested crops. Heavy rain has hit some of Nigeria's rural areas the worst. The government is telling people who live near the rivers to get to safer places while it prepares relief and security to help victims recover.

Nigeria also saw flooding like this in 2012. The government said that disaster killed more than 400 people and forced more than 1 million to leave their homes. Today's 10 Second Trivia mentioned that Nigeria has Africa's largest economy but most of it's 190 million people still live in poverty. In fact, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency says that more than 62 percent of Nigerians live in extreme poverty.




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