CNN10分钟新闻[翻译]:奥巴马希拉里被寄炸弹包裹 北约举行最大规模军演


A number of suspicious packages caused alarm and evacuations Wednesday and a major government effort to find out who's responsible. The people they were addressed to included former U.S. President Barak Obama, 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA Director John Brennan and California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters. The package labeled for former CIA Director Brennan was sent to CNN at New York City's Time Warner Center.

That led to the evacuation of CNN's New York Bureau. Several of the packages had the same return address, the Florida Office of Democratic U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz. That return address was also on a package delivered to the home of George Soros earlier this week. He's a billionaire investor and major donor to the Democratic party. Officials do not suspect that Congressman Wasserman Schultz sent the packages. Devices found inside several of the packages appeared to be pipe bombs. That's according to an FBI counterterrorism agent in New York. Law enforcement officials say it looks like they were made in the same way.

All of them were intercepted before any of the people they were addressed to could open them. No one was hurt. In the past, President Donald Trump has criticized several of the people the packages were addressed to. But on Wednesday he said that threats or acts of political violence had no place in America. New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio called the mailings an act of terror and the FBI is asking anyone who might have information on those responsible to contact them.

Next this Thursday, we've reported on the rising tensions between Russia and the allies of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which the U.S. is part of. The Commander of the U.S. Naval Forces in Europe says one thing that concerns him when it comes to Russia is submarine warfare. Why?

For one thing, he says six of the Russian subs operating in the Black Sea or the eastern Mediterranean Sea have a type of missile that could reach any of the capitals of Europe. That's likely to be on the minds of other NATO commanders as they begin their largest military exercise since 2002. It's called Operation Trident Juncture. It launches Thursday in Norway and the region around it.






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