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A report by a leading rights group has found that sexual violence against women in North Korea is regarded as a normal part of life. Human Rights Watch spoke more than 50% defectors have concluded that powerful men see nothing wrong in what they are doing while women feel unable to report abuse, fearing social disgrace.

South Korea’s Supreme Court has ruled that religious belief is a valid reason to refuse all military services. Conscientious objectors have for decades been punished for refusing to serve. More than 900 pending cases could be affected by the ruling.

A group of international scientists say the world’s oceans have soaked up 60% more heat that have been thought over the last two decades. Writing in the journal Nature, they say this will hamper efforts to control global warming.

The Peruvian opposition leader has been ordered to spend three years in prison while she awaits a trial for corruption. Keiko Fujimori has been accused of taking a million dollars in bribes from a Brazilian firm.

President Salva Kiir has all described the civil war in South Sudan as a complete betrayal of the people. He told a crowd the war had been a naked power struggle and apologized to the country’s citizens.

A Synagogue in California has been daubed with anti-Semitic graffiti four days after a deadly Jewish attack on the Jewish worshipers in city of Pittsburgh. Police are investigating the vandalism south of Los Angeles.

A court in Malawi has halted work on a statute of Mohandas Gandhi after critics accused the Indian independence leader of using racial slurs against black people. Campaigners from a group called Gandhi Must Fall want an injunction suspending construction of the statue, which is a part of a 10-million-dollar building deal with India.

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