ABC新闻:土耳其总统公布沙特记者被杀案细节 特朗普和普京将于双11在巴黎会晤


Saudi Arabia has been accused by Turkey of carrying out a premeditated and savage murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside its own consulate. In a televised address, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has provided details of the crime, but stopped short of criticising Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. He's called for the suspects to be tried in Istanbul, and demanded the Saudis reveal the location of Khashoggi's body, and who ordered the operation. Investigators in Istanbul have been searching a car belonging to the Saudi consulate, with local media reporting they've found two suitcases and a number of possessions.

US president Donald Trump will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for talks at a remembrance day event in Paris on November 11. President Trump's national security advisor John Bolton reached a preliminary agreement on the meeting during talks with president Putin in Moscow overnight. During the meeting, Mr Putin expressed surprise over what he called uNPRovoked actions against Moscow, after Washington announced plans to withdraw from a 30-year-old nuclear arms treaty. Mr Bolton says the US still plans to quit the treaty.

And a major new long term study of premature babies has found that they face no increased risk of dying, once they are well enough to go home from hospital. Researchers from the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne have found most babies born before 28 weeks will survive if they're offered intensive care. The researchers followed all babies born in Victoria in 2005 before 28 weeks gestation.

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