AP News一分钟新闻:塞奇威克国家动物园一只小猩猩出生


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With a high-stakes hearing just a day away, President Donald Trump says Democrats are playing a "con game" against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Trump is seeking to cast doubt on sexual misconduct allegations lodged against his nominee. Meanwhile, Senate Republicans say they're moving ahead and hope to confirm Kavanaugh early next week.

Comedian Bill Cosby is waking up in a Pennsylvania state prison Wednesday after being sentenced to 3 to 10 years for a 2004 sexual assault. That sentence comes after a judge ruled that Cosby is a "sexually violent predator." Cosby is vowing to appeal his conviction.

President Trump continues his meetings at the United Nations. His schedule for Wednesday includes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leaders of Japan and Britain. Trump's address to the General Assembly Tuesday drew mocking laughter when he praised his administration's achievements.

And a baby orangutan is doing well after being delivered via C-section at the Sedgwick country zoo in Wichita, Kansas earlier this month. Because of complications during labor, the baby was delivered by two OB-GYN doctors who had only until then delivered human babies.

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