ABC新闻:澳大利亚草莓藏针引恐慌 中美新一轮互征关税落地


Concern is mounting among Australia's fruit growers, as the strawberry tampering crisis continues to spread. A Perth primary school student is the latest to find a needle inside a strawberry, and New South Wales police are investigating claims a Sydney mother found a needle inside an apple. To protect their product, some farmers are now investing in their own metal detectors. The Peak body representing fruit growers has accused authorities and the media of poorly handling the crisis, and is calling for calm and common sense.

US president Donald Trump says he's willing to talk with China about resolving the trade war between the two countries. Beijing has announced it will retaliate against Mr Trump's new tariffs on about 270 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. China says it will increase duties on more than 80 billion dollars worth of US imports. But President Trump has warned China not to go ahead.

A man has been arrested after a stand-off with police at the clubhouse of the Gypsy Jokers Outlaw Motorcycle Club in Sydney's west. Police allege a 29-year-old man had forced a woman into a car and drove her to the Horsley Park clubhouse, where she was bound to a pole and assaulted for two days. A large number of police, including officers from the riot squad, had surrounded the property yesterday afternoon, where a man was taken into custody.

And an aboriginal man in immigration detention who’s facing deportation to Papua New Guinea, is taking his case all the way to the High Court. Daniel Love was born in PNG, to a Papua New Guinean mother and an aboriginal father. He was taken to Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation Centre last month after being released from jail.

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