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Canada's foreign minister says the country will not back down in the face of new US tariffs. She made her comments as Canada unveiled new tariffs on 12 billion dollars worth of US goods. This report is from Jessica Murphy. This is really Canada's strongest trade action since the Second World War, even though the US is our biggest trading partner. This also really a basket of about 250 US goods. We're talking about everything from ketchup to whisky to pizza to playing cards as some really targeting key political battlegrounds in the US like Wisconsin like Pennsylvania. So it's really meant to make senior US officials sit up and take notice.

Divisions have already begun to emerge between European Union leaders over how the blocks agreement on curbing migration will be implemented. The deal reached after marathon negotiations in Brussels envisages the creation of secure centers to receive migrants within the EU in countries willing to build them. The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said migrants should be processed before they reached the European Union. This is a really significant step. Only by ensuring that rescued people would be brought to third countries and not onto European soil can we destroy the traffickers business model and massively reduce the number of people coming into Europe. The important thing now is the speedy implementation of these proposals because they are only worth something if they're implemented.

The airline Virgin Atlantic has said it will no longer work with the British Home Office to forcibly deport people who're believed to be illegal immigrants. Campaigners say it's in response to the wrongful deportation of Caribbean immigrants who'd been in Britain for decades. Ben Ando reports. There was outrage when it became known that 63 members of the so-called Windrush Generation those who were invited to Britain from the Caribbean to alleviate postwar labour shortages had been forcibly deported as part of the Home Office's hostile environment policy to immigrants. The policy was championed while Theresa May was Home Secretary. It emerged that many were sent back because the Home Office itself had destroyed their records. In a statement, Virgin Atlantic said it had informed officials that it would no longer play a part in the enforced deportation of anyone deemed to be an illegal immigrant, saying the decision was in the best interest of its customers and its people.

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