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Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told the BBC that he suspected a group which supported the former first lady Grace Mugabe was behind the recent attempt on his life. He suggested he had no evidence yet and was waiting for the police to arrest and question suspects.

Amnesty International says the military in Myanmar has been preparing for an offensive against the Rohingya people before a series of attacks by Rohingya militants on the security services last August. It says the military targeted villages at a coordinated campaign on rape, torture and murder.

An influential police chief seen as a possible contender for Algeria’s presidency, Gen Abdelghani Hamel, has been sacked. Police have denied media reports linking General Hamel’s personal driver with a scandal over cocaine smuggling.

Efforts to find a group of young football players and their coach missing inside a cave in Thailand on Saturday are continuing despite the bad weather. Soldiers, divers and special force’s troops are involved in the rescue effort.

Police in Malaysia say the value of the items seized from 6 residences linked to the former Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife amount to about 270 million dollars. They have seized 12 thousand of pieces of jewelry, more than 400 watches and 567 handbags.

A court in Morocco has sentenced the leaders of protest group to up to 20 years in jail over weeks of demonstration in the northern Rif region two years ago. 53 people are convicted on Monday including the leader, Nasser Zefzafi who faced charges of plotting to undermine the security of the state.

And the Japanese space probe Hayabusa II has reached an observation position about Ryugu asteroid after a voyage of more than 3 years. Ryugu is believed by scientists to harbor relatively larger amount of water and organic matter.

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