ABC新闻:澳高官海外出行华为成最大赞助商 中国女生在悉尼被谋杀


The Chinese tech giant Huawei has become the biggest corporate sponsor of overseas travel for Australian federal politicians according to a new report by an Australian think tank. The research, from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, shows during the past eight years, Huawei sponsored 12 trips to China for Australian politicians. MPs from both major parties undertook the sponsored trips, including Liberal Julie Bishop and Labor's Jim Chalmers. The report comes as the government considers whether to allow the Chinese telco to provide equipment for Australia's 5-G network.

The federal government will spend one-point-four billion dollars to buy the first in a series of long-range surveillance drones aimed at bolstering border security. Later today, the prime minister will announce the purchase of an MQ-4C Triton drone, to enable close coperation with the United States on shared missions.

Iranian authorities have used tear gas in an attempt to disperse its biggest anti-government demonstrations in years. Thousands have marched through Tehran angry at rising prices and a huge drop in Iran's currency.

The search continues in Thailand for members of an under-16 soccer team trapped in a flooded cave. The boys' bikes and soccer boots were found at the mouth of the Tham Luang (tam lang) caves, where they're believed to have been trapped by rising waters following heavy rains.

The parents of a woman allegedly murdered in Sydney earlier this month will make a public appeal to help find her body. Qi (chee) Yu last spoke to family in China on the night of Friday the 8th of June. Her 19-year-old flatmate, Shuo Dong, has been charged with murder.

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