AP News一分钟新闻:哈雷戴维森将面向欧洲的生产迁出美国


This is AP NEWS Minute.

President Trump went to South Carolina to campaign for republican governor Henry McMaster. McMaster is in a runoff for his party's nomination with voters going to the polls Tuesday.

Border agents let journalists ride along as they patrolled the Rio Grande Valley. Reporters saw women with infants claiming asylum, people getting caught trying to cross.

Defense Secretary James Mattis landed in China Tuesday. He's meeting with his Chinese counterparts to discuss issues including North Korea's nuclear program.

And Harley Davidson says it'll start making its motorcycles that are sold in Europe outside the United States. It's doing this because of tariffs that were imposed amid trade tensions between the European Union and the Trump administration.

Matt Small, the Associated Press, with AP NEWS Minute.

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