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The BBC understands that Yulia Skripal who was attacked with a nerve agent in the English city of Salisbury has been discharged from hospital. Russia has been accused of poisoning Yulia and her father, the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal last month. Lilian Nathew reports. Yulia Skripal came to the UK from Moscow more than a month ago to visit her father, but just 24 hours after she arrived, Yulia and Sergei Skripal were both CRItically ill in hospital. Having been targeted with a nerve agent in Salisbury, Yulia had been in hospital for more than 5 weeks. A fortnight ago, she was said to be conscious, talking and improving rapidly. After releasing a statement last week via police, saying the whole episode had been disorientating, Yulia Skripal has now being discharged. It's understood she left yesterday and had been taken to a secure location.

President Trump has promised a forceful response to a suspected chemical attack in Syria as consultations continue at the United Nations. Any action is expected to be coordinated with other western nations. France also said it would respond if the red line of chemical weapons had been crossed. It follows two conversations between Mr. Trump and the French President Emmanuel Macron in 24 hours. But our Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen says the Syrian regime may not take American threats of action seriously. I think that those said they wanna get rid of Assad are absolutely unrealistic at this particular time. Really from the beginning of the war, the British and the Americans and others have said Assad must go. But they didn't back that up with any kind of action. After 2013 August, September when President Obama said that a red line had been crossed in the use of chemical weapons and that he would take action and then he decided not to. And I think ever since then, they feel that when the Americans make threats, that, it's not something that's really gonna bother them.

President Trump has again attacked the investigation by the special counsel after FBI officers searched the office and residence of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Mr. Trump said the raid was a disgrace and said he was being subjected to a witch-hunt by Robert Mueller. He's looking into possible links between the Trump presidential election campaign and Russia.

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