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The former president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has defied the deadline set by a court for him to surrender to police to start a 12-year prison sentence for corruption. He's held up in a union building in his hometown of Sao Bernardo of do Campo where hundreds of his supporters have gathered. Katy Watson is there. People here are saying No to Prison for Lula and Down with the Coup. There are a lot of people here feel it is exactly that. But this is an unfair trial and it's designed to stop him running for presidency once again. Bearing in mind, the former president is actually the front-runner for the elections in October. People here are very angry the idea that it's a political witch-hunt. The trial with to do with the beachfront apartment that he is supposedly received from a construction company in return for political favours. But his lawyers, Lula denied that they've done anything wrong.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Russian officials and companies accused of profiting from president Putin's efforts to undermine the West. The list includes his bodyguards, son-in-law and oligarchs close to Mr. Putin. The White House spokesperson is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Today's sanctions and the totality of the administration's actions which are in keeping with Congress' wishes prove the president is absolutely correct when he says no one has been tougher on Russia. We want a positive relationship with the Russian government, but for this to happen, there must be a significant change in their behaviour. The Russian Foreign Ministry desCRIbed the moves as an absurdity that would hit ordinary Americans and destroy economic cooperation.

Syrian activists say that heavy airstrikes on the last rebel-held town in Eastern Ghouta have killed at least 32 civilians. Here's Alan Johnston. For years, rebels held a large area on the fringes of Damascus, a region known as Eastern Ghouta. But recently, government forces recaptured almost all these enclave. Only the town of Douma remains in rebel hands controlled by a faction called Jaysh al-Islam. It seems it refused a deal under which it would withdraw and be given safe passage to opposition-held territory in Northern Syria. Negotiations have ended. Now Douma is again under attack and the rebels have reportedly shelled civilians in nearby Damascus.

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