AP News一分钟新闻:美国严寒致死


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U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday tweeted that sanctions and "other" unspecified pressures were beginning to have a "big impact" on North Korea. Trump tweeted, "Rocket man now wants to talk to South Korea for first time. Perhaps that is good news. Perhaps not-we will see."

Iran's supreme leader is blaming the days of deadly protests on "enemies" of the country who he says are meddling in its internal affairs. Khamenei, who has final say on all state matters did not name any country but said he would explain more in the near future.

Bone-chilling cold gripped much of the U.S. as 2018 began, breaking century-old records and leading to several deaths that authorities attributed to the dangerously low temperatures. The national weather service issued wind chill advisories covering a vast area from South Texas to Canada and from Montana and Wyoming through New England.

Republican senator Orrin Hatch of Utah said Tuesday he would not seek reelection after serving more than forty years in the Senate, opening the door for former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to run for his senate seat.

Julian Stiles, AP NEWS Minute.

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