ABC新闻:美共和党公开秘密备忘录指控FBI 澳大利亚军舰查获巨额毒品


Hello, Selena Edman with the latest from ABC News.

Australia has moved to reassure key allies that their secrets are safe after this week's "cabinet files" security breach. The government says it's working to ensure the trust of its intelligence partners remains intact in the wake of the document loss exposed by the ABC.

US Republicans have released a previously secret memo that alleges FBI bias against president Donald Trump in the early stages of the Russia investigation. The memo written by Republican members claims that the FBI and the Justice Department used unsubstantiated evidence to spy on one of Mr Trump's advisors over links to Russia. The FBI has disputed key accusations being made in the document.

There's been another big seizure of drugs on the high seas by an Australian naval ship. Navy crews boarded the smuggling vessel in the Western Indian Ocean after it was spotted late on Thursday night. It had 400 kilograms of heroin on board. They had a street value of more than 120 million dollars.

Tributes are flowing for 62-year-old political journalist Michael Gordon after he died of a suspected heart attack on a Victorian Beach this morning. Mr Gordon had a 37-year long career at the Age newspaper and won a Walkley Award for most outstanding contribution to journalism last year.

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