ABC新闻:澳大利亚总理结束访美行程 堪培拉暴雨引发洪水


Hello, Jason Om with the top stories on ABC News.

New South Wales MP Michael McCormack is likely to be the next leader of the Nationals after David Gillespie pulled out, ahead of tomorrow morning's party meeting in Canberra. The 60 year-old member for Lyne decided to back down after assessing the numbers. There's a chance agriculture minister David Littleproud may also run.

Meantime, Malcolm Turnbull is on his way home from America just in time to find out who his new deputy prime minister will be. Mr Turnbull's four-day trip to Washington ended at a gathering of state governors hosting Australian premiers, chief ministers and business leaders.

A major investigation is underway after police shot dead a 31-year-old Gold Coast man who was armed with a knife in Brisbane's east. Police say residents and officers feared for their lives as the enraged offender threatened them.

And emergency services are out in force in parts of north Canberra as heavy rains cause serious flooding. The deluge inundated about a dozen homes, stranded cars and severed the main road out of the city. The Australian National University has closed it's campus for tomorrow. Authorities are urging residents to be vigilant with more rain forecast.

And those are the latest headlines from ABC News.

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