ABC新闻:悉尼华裔警员遇害案嫌犯获刑44年 澳大利亚爆发李斯特菌感染


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Raban Alou, one of the men involved in the murder of Sydney police accountant Curtis Cheng has been sentenced to a maximum of 44 years jail. The 20 year old admitted he gave a handgun to 15 year old Fahad Mohammad at the Parramatta Mosque. The teenager then used the revolver to shoot Mr Cheng before being shot dead by special constables.

The Northern Territory government says it accepts all 227 recommendations from the Royal Commission Into Youth Detention and Child Protection. But it's given only in-principle support on many key points. It is not yet clear what this means in terms of government action and funding commitments.

Health authorities are still trying to find out how rockmelons from a farm in Southern New South Wales became contaminated with listeria. 10 people across three states have suffered food poisoning after eating melons contaminated with the bug, two have died. Tasmanian health authorities are also investigating if a case of listeria in the state is linked to the outbreak on the mainland.

Astronomers have detected a tiny signal from the birth of the first stars in the universe billions of years ago. The ground breaking discovery was made using a small antenna in the Australian outback. It's the first piece of concrete evidence to support scientists theories about how stars are formed.

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