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President Trump’s lawyers have written of his former chief strategist Steve Bannon saying he’d violated a non-disclosure agreement in speaking about his time on the election campaign. The Cease and Desist Notice says Mr. Bannon and his comments to the author Michael Wolff have defied the President. Michael Wolff’s forthcoming book desCRIbes the President has been uNPRepared for the job.

Donald Trump has scrapped the commission he set up to look into his allegations of fraud in the 2016 election after many states refused to cooperate. The White House statement insisted that there wasn’t such evidence about vote fraud and said the President had not wanted to engage in endless legal battles.

The European Union Foreign Police Chief Federica Mogherini has spoken out against continuing US trade restrictions on the island. Speaking in Havana, she said the blockade, as she called it, was obsolete and only increased the suffering of ordinary Cubans.

Jewelry unknown from a member of the Qatar royal families has been stolen by thieves who outwitted the sophisticated security system at the Doge’s Palace in Venice. The theft took place on the last day of the exhibition highlighting Indian artistry.

Much of the Eastern United States is experiencing an intensifying winter storm, this bringing additional snow and freezing rain. Forecast has warned that the hazardous conditions will continue throughout the week.

New figures reveal that chief executives of Britain’s largest companies and in the first three days of January earn as much as the average workers make in the whole year. This is despite top executives’ pay in Britain falling last year by a fifth on average.

New research across 25 African countries has pinpointed the heightened risk patients on the continental face from undergoing surgery in less ideal conditions. But researchers said the most worrying revelation was just how few Africans undergo the elective surgery they really need.

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