ABC新闻:菲律宾热带风暴已致200人死亡 巴勒斯坦抗议者与以色列军方发生冲突


Lara Hyams with the top stories from ABC News.

Rescue teams are struggling to reach some areas of the southern Philippines where nearly 200 people have died in mudslides and flash flooding. Many more are missing and thousands have been displaced by tropical storm Tembin — most of them on the island of Mindanao. Authorities say many people were already displaced before the storm, due to fighting between the government and Islamist militants.

Palestinian protesters some dressed as Santa Claus, have clashed with Israeli security forces in Bethlehem, a day before the beginning of Christmas celebrations. The demonstrators gathered at an Israeli military tower to protest against Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

A new punishment process to keep first-time, low-range drink drivers out of court is being considered by the New South Wales government. The new process would see first offenders given a fine and the loss of demerit points rather than a court appearance the same as happens in Victoria.

And the Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton has arrived in Queensland after almost 300 days travelling the globe. Swimmer Cam McEvoy was given the honour of carrying it at the start of its Australian tour.

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