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[00:00.10]Former Brazilian senator Marina Silva plans to seek

[00:04.28] her party's nomination for the presidency next year.

[00:07.99]Silva announced her plans at a meeting of her Sustainability Network Party last weekend.

[00:15.87]The Reuters news agency says the party would officially nominate

[00:21.90]her as its presidential candidate when at its national convention in April.

[00:27.91]The 59-year-old Silva was born in a rubber-producing community in Brazil's Amazon rainforest.

[00:35.48]She served as the environmental minister under former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

[00:43.32]She was a candidate in the past two presidential elections,

[00:49.24]but never received enough support to compete for a second round vote.

[00:53.83]Silva said she would seek her party's nomination because

[00:58.70]“Brazilians want a country free of corruption”

[01:01.91] and that she had the moral values to provide that.

[01:06.04]Her supporters have called the environmentalist Brazil's most principled politician.

[01:13.92]Since early 2014, Brazilian police and government lawyers

[01:20.19]have carried out a major anti-corruption campaign.

[01:23.37]Their efforts have led to discovery of political wrongdoing

[01:29.70] in every major party, except Silva's.

[01:32.22]She has expressed support for financial responsibility,

[01:38.14] setting targets for inflation and a floating exchange rate.

[01:42.27]In a recent survey, Brazilians said Silva was the third most popular candidate,

[01:49.72] with 10 percent of those questioned saying they would vote for her.

[01:55.81]The finding was published on the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper's website last Saturday.

[02:02.03]But that survey included Lula as a possible candidate.

[02:06.30]He was found guilty in a corruption trial in July.

[02:11.13]If a higher court supports the guilty ruling before the October election, he could not run.

[02:19.16]In the 2010 election, Marina Silva, then with the Green Party,

[02:25.60]won a surprising 20 percent in the first round of presidential voting.

[02:31.58]But that was not enough to push her into a runoff vote with eventual winner Dilma Rousseff.

[02:38.03]In 2014, Silva was the Brazilian Socialist Party's candidate for vice president.

[02:45.27]The party nominated Eduardo Campos as its presidential candidate.

[02:51.23]However, he died when his airplane crashed two months before the election.

[02:57.56]Silva took his place and won 21 percent in the first round.

[03:03.84]But she again failed to win enough votes for a runoff.

[03:07.78]I'm Jonathan Evans.

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