NPR在线收听:Houston Public Schools Open After Delays From Hurricane Harvey



In Texas, more than 200 Houston public schools started the year today after delays from Hurricane Harvey. Houston Public Media's Laura Isensee spent the day visiting some of those schools, and she has this postcard.

DEMETRIA CAIN: Hey, honey, how are you this morning? Hey, good morning. How are you? Welcome back.

I'm Demetria Cain, and I'm the school secretary for John E. Codwell. To see them come in and have smiles on their faces and their parents have smiles on their faces, not knowing what they've been through - so we just want to be positive to keep them positive as well.

MAKINZE: My name is Makinze Enjoli Jollivett. I am 10 years old, and I am in the fifth grade. I'm on fleek, and I'm feeling good today because it's my first day of school and I can't wait to meet my friends. I was feeling great when the rain started to stop and then the sun came out.

DYNASTY STEPHENSON: My name is Dynasty Stephenson, and I go to Lamar High School. I'm 16 and I'm a junior. The last two weeks my house flooded. Like, it was at least two feet of water in my house. And like, me and my sister have clothes everywhere, so we had to wash a lot of clothes before it's something like mildew. We had to pull our carpet up. The house stunk. It was terrible. I've been working to get my house back to normal. And now it's time for school, all the stresses, all the tests, all the assignments.

EMILIANO FLORES: Hi, my name's Emiliano Flores. I'm 16 years old. All I've got to say is, like, thank God that I'm good, that everything went well. Thank God that the school didn't get flooded. That's all.

ANGEL: My name is Angel Rianna Samuels. I am in third grade. I am 8 years old. I was thinking about it all night. I could not go to sleep. I was just waiting to go to school. I was like, why did Harvey got to come? We've got to go to school and learn.

RAQUEL SOSA-GONZALEZ: My name is Raquel Sosa-Gonzalez, and I'm the principal here at Bruce Elementary. It was almost like a victory march to know that our families were displaced in different areas and just to make sure that we knew where they were, to welcome them back. We did it. We made it. We are here. The students are here. We're ready to learn. And it was just getting them into the building. And now we're getting back to the business of educating our students.

MCEVERS: Those were the voices from Houston public schools on the first day back after Hurricane Harvey.

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