ABC新闻:澳大利亚同性婚姻陷僵局 欢迎安理会对朝新制裁


The latest headlines from ABC News.

The prime minister will oversee a special party room meeting to resolve a stand-off over same sex marriage. Five liberal politicians are pushing for a free vote in parliament, but some conservative MPs say it will mean breaking a commitment to hold a plebiscite. The issue could also further destabilise Mr Turnbull's leadership.

Meanwhile the prime minister has welcomed new sanctions by the UN Security Council against North Korea. The measures could slash the rogue state's three-point-eight-billion dollar annual export revenue by a third. The new sanctions target coal, iron and seafood.

Aboriginal leaders say they are more optimistic than ever that Australians will embrace the idea to hold a referendum to establish an indigenous voice to parliament. Noel Pearson told the Garma Festival in Arnhem Land he expected decisions about a treaty and constitution would be made within three to five years.

And in Rugby League, Penrith has moved back into the NRL top eight with a 28 points to 14 victory over Wests Tigers. And Manly has revived its top-four NRL hopes with a 36 points to 18 upset of Sydney Roosters at Brookvale Oval.

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