AP News一分钟新闻:2017-07-12


AP NEWS一分钟,是美联社(Associated Press)推出的长度约一分钟的新闻简讯形式的报道。它因短小简洁、时效性强,深受广大英语爱好者追捧。美联社是美国最大的通讯社,也是国际性通讯社之一,全称为“美国联合通讯社”,英文简称AP。 马克·吐温曾说:“给地球各个角落带来光明的只有两个:天上的太阳和地上的美联社。”“美联社时事精华,一分钟展现鲜活世界”不但是英语听力训练的好素材,也是通晓国际时事的窗口。


This is AP NEWS minute.

1. President Donald Trump's eldest son acknowledged Monday that he met a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential campaign to hear information about his father's democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump Jr. tried to brush off the significance of the meeting, tweeting he was happy to speak to the senate intelligence committee to pass on what he knows.

2. The most senior Vatican Catholic to be charged in the Roman catholic church sex abuse scandal returned to Australia on Monday to stand trial. Cardinal George Pell , Pope Francis top financial adviser is due to appear in court on July,26th to face charges he sexually assaulted multiple people many years ago.

3. A British court is giving the parents of 11 month-old Charlie Gard, a chance to present fresh evidence that their terminally ill son should receive experimental treatment. The decision came after an emotionally charged hearing on Monday. A new hearing is set for Thursday.  

4. And a two-year old Asiatic lion cub is back on solid ground after having to be rescued from a well over the weekend. A rescue team member has to be lowered into the well in protected cage to lasso the cub, which was then pulled up and contained.

Suzanne Yee Gaffney,  the Associated Press with AP NEWS Minute.

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