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Our next two contestants will play our favorite guessing game, This, That or the Other. Let's meet them - first up, Cassie Wood on buzzer number one.


EISENBERG: Welcome. You're using theater to teach sex education for your thesis project.

CASSIE WOOD: I am, yeah.

EISENBERG: Very cool. Your opponent is Eva Mimran on buzzer number two.


EISENBERG: You're a primary school music teacher. Welcome.


EISENBERG: Remember, Cassie and Eva, the first of you who wins two of our games will move on to the final round at the end of the show. Let's go to your first game. Cassie, what's the most angsty teen thing you did?

WOOD: Once I wrote an entire diary entry and then a week later, like, engraved the word lies over it.


EISENBERG: Eva, what's the most angsty teen thing you did?

EVA MIMRAN: I remember asking my dad to take me to the mall to buy the "Jagged Little Pill" album...


MIMRAN: ...By Alanis Morissette. And he told me that it was angry girl music and he wouldn't bring me, so I got it anyway. But yeah, it's one of my favorites (laughter).

EISENBERG: You're going to play This, That or the Other, the troubled teens edition. The game is easy. I'm going to give you a phrase, you tell me which of three categories it fits into. And today's categories are titles of old "ABC Afterschool Specials," songs from the "High School Musical" trilogy or tag lines used to advertise men's grooming products. You don't need buzzers for this game. We'll go back and forth. And the winner will be one step closer to moving on to the final round at the end of the show. Here we go. Cassie, "Me And My Hormones."

WOOD: "ABC Afterschool Special."

EISENBERG: It is absolutely an "Afterschool Special."


EISENBERG: I do like the idea of that being a men's grooming product.

WOOD: That would be great.

EISENBERG: Eva, "The Boys Are Back."

MIMRAN: "High School Musical."

EISENBERG: Yes, that is a "High School Musical" song.


EISENBERG: Cassie, "How Dirty Boys Get Clean."

WOOD: Oh, that's a men's product thing, isn't it? It's, like, Axe or something.

EISENBERG: Yes, that's a tag line for Axe men's shower gel.

WOOD: Great (laughter).

EISENBERG: Eva, "Find Your Magic."

MIMRAN: Also a men's grooming product.

EISENBERG: It sure is. This was Axe growing up - 2016 ad campaign, encouraged men to shed traditional notions of masculinity. But they wanted you to embrace your individual sense of how to be a man. I think every guy knows where he thinks his magic is.


EISENBERG: Cassie, "A Night To Remember."

WOOD: That's "High School Musical."

EISENBERG: It is a "High School Musical" song.

WOOD: Yeah.

EISENBERG: Eva, "The Great Love Experiment."

MIMRAN: "Afterschool ABC Special" (ph).

EISENBERG: You guys are so good. That is correct. That was Jennifer Grey and Tracy Pollan in the 1984 special that follows teenagers as they give a personality makeover to a timid girl.


EISENBERG: Yeah. All right. Puzzle guru Art Chung, I know the answer to this, but how did our contestants do?

ART CHUNG: They got them all right, so we're going to a tiebreaker.


CHUNG: Here's your tiebreaker clue. "Get'cha Head In The Game."


CHUNG: Cassie.

WOOD: "High School Musical."

CHUNG: That is correct, Cassie. Well done. You're one step closer to moving on to our final round.


EISENBERG: If your idea of the perfect scent is a mixture of open library books and gourmet donuts, you should be a contestant on our show. Go to to learn more. Coming up, geography and food come together in a way that hasn't been since I dropped an atlas in a bowl of mashed potatoes. I'm Ophira Eisenberg, and this is ASK ME ANOTHER from NPR.


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