ABC新闻:勒索软件攻击在亚洲大规模爆发 一带一路高峰论坛在北京召开


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Australia appears to have escaped the worst fallout from a huge global ransomware attack, but the prime minister's cybersecurity adviser has warned against complacency. Some governments and businesses in Asia, including Japan and South Korea, have reported disruptions from a global ransomware cyber-attack. Chinese state media reports 29-thousand institutions across the country have been affected.

An Indonesian court has increased the jail term for the Australian woman convicted over the killing of a police officer. The high court in Bali ruled that Sara Connor should spend five years in prison as opposed to her original sentence of four years. Her boyfriend David Taylor was sentenced to six years in jail.

The Northern Territory government is investigating long-term options to end an outbreak of aviation gas sniffing in three remote communities. Authorities have called a public health emergency after dozens of children recorded dangerously high levels of lead from sniffing avgas fuel. Nine children and one adult have been hospitalised.

And Chinese president Xi JinPing has pledged an additional 170 billion dollars for his global development plan to boost China's links to Asia and beyond. Leaders from 29 nations have met in Beijing, as the Chinese leader promotes his "Belt and Road Initiative". Xi JinPing stressed the importance of rejecting protectionism in seeking global economic growth.

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