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[00:00.10]Iranians are remembering former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

[00:08.46]He died on Sunday after suffering a heart attack.

[00:14.21]He was 82 years old.

[00:16.93]State television suspended programming to announce the death.

[00:24.04]It said Rafsanjani spent his life working in support of “Islam and revolution.”

[00:33.60]Rafsanjani served as Iran's president from 1989 to 1997.

[00:44.32]He also advised Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

[00:56.31]Presidency and political career

[00:57.65]During Rafsanjani's presidency, Iran worked to rebuild its economy.

[01:04.55]It was in ruins following an eight-year war with Iraq.

[01:11.23]Rafsanjani's presidency led to a series of cautious reforms.

[01:18.69]The changes increased some freedoms, especially in Iran's media.

[01:26.77]Over time, however, Rafsanjani's political influence fell sharply.

[01:35.34]After his presidency, Rafsanjani lost a bid for a seat in parliament.

[01:43.60]In 2005, he sought a second term as president.

[01:49.55]But he lost to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a conservative.

[01:56.72]And in 2013, he attempted – but was denied – another term as president.

[02:05.92]At that time, Iran's powerful Guardian Council barred him from the ballot.

[02:14.70]Rafsanjani's influence suffered, in part,

[02:19.28]because conservatives criticized his reform efforts,

[02:25.15]especially his outreach to the West.

[02:29.31]A speech Rafsanjani made in 2009 further alienated him

[02:38.71]from conservatives and Iran's military.

[02:42.71]In the speech, Rafsanjani called for greater personal freedoms.

[02:50.61]At the time, the government was taking steps to punish Iranians protesting

[02:59.20] the results of presidential elections.

[03:02.20]In 2013, Rafsanjani's political protégé, Hassan Rouhani, won the presidency.

[03:13.01]Rouhani asked Rafsanjani to oversee planning for direct nuclear

[03:21.78]talks with the United States.

[03:23.79]On Monday, the president praised Rafsanjani.

[03:29.79]He said the former leader had more wishes for the country,

[03:35.97]and that up until his death he showed people the right path.

[03:41.96]"We are all hopeful to continue his path," Rouhani said.

[03:48.01]I'm Ashley Thompson.

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