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[00:00.10]A powerful storm has brought down one of the most famous trees in the United States.

[00:07.45]The huge “Pioneer Cabin Tree”

[00:11.86]fell Sunday in northern California during a storm that caused severe flooding.

[00:20.59]The giant sequoia is famous for having a large hole at the bottom of its trunk.

[00:30.28]The hole was big enough for people to walk under.

[00:36.03]In the past, California state officials permitted vehicles to drive through it.

[00:43.99]Until now, thousands of people traveled to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park

[00:52.36]each year to see the giant sequoia.

[00:56.40]The park is located east of San Francisco, near Yosemite National Park.

[01:05.01]Some officials believed the tree was to up to 2,000 years old.

[01:11.71]The Calaveras Big Trees Association confirmed reports that the sequoia was no longer standing.

[01:20.91]“The Pioneer Cabin tree has fallen!” said a message posted to Facebook.

[01:29.05]The weekend storm was “just too much” for the tree to handle, it added.

[01:36.81]California's Department of Parks and Recreation said in a statement that root

[01:45.74] and trunk decay had weakened the tree.

[01:50.34]That area around the sequoia had been closed because of storms

[01:56.88] and no one was hurt by the falling tree, it added.

[02:01.52]Photographs posted on social media showed the fallen tree broken

[02:08.59] apart in some places as it sat on top of flooded ground.

[02:14.60]The huge roots that kept the tree in the ground for so many years were showing.

[02:21.29]Many visitors to the state park took pictures while standing underneath the famous sequoia.

[02:30.13]After hearing about the tree, some posted photos and messages on social media

[02:38.44]about their memories and experiences.

[02:42.29]“It's kind of like someone in the family has died,” tree admirer Joyce Brown told the Associated Press.

[02:52.88]Brown, now 65, said she was just 12 when her parents first took her to see the “drive-thru tree.”

[03:05.42]She's now a retired school teacher who spends about one-third of the year at a small cabin near the tree.

[03:15.12]The tunnel that made the sequoia famous also weakened it over time.

[03:22.66]The hole was made in the 1880s to let people and vehicles pass through the tree.

[03:32.30]This began with horses and buggies and later with cars.

[03:38.90]Eventually, the path going under the tree was only open to people walking.

[03:46.71]Sequoias are the largest tree species in the world.

[03:53.62]They can reach up to eight meters in diameter.

[03:59.34]A volunteer at the Calaveras Big Trees State Park explained that when

[04:08.21] the already mostly dead tree hit the ground,

[04:11.87] it broke apart and was completely unrecognizable.

[04:17.78]He said the tree quickly went from something "majestic" to pieces of “rubble."

[04:26.74]I'm Dorothy Gundy.

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