BBC新闻附字幕[翻译]:中国民众欢度春节 特朗普出台移民限制政策


BBC news with Debby Ross.

US media reports say President Donald Trump is preparing to sign several executive orders aimed at restricting immigration. He reported to lead among tighter security along the Mexican border and seek tougher VISA regulations for citizens from seven mid-eastern and African countries with predominantly Muslim populations. Mr. Trump tweeted that it would be a big day for national security.

The president has also taken to twitters to give his views on violence in Chicago where local media have reported a rise in murders and shootings. Mr. Trump said he would send in the FBI if Chicago did not fix what he called the “horrible carnage”.

The French president Francois Hollande has met leaders of Columbia’s largest rebel movement, the FARC, at a rural camp. He praised both rebels and government for achieving a peace accord after 50 years of civil conflicts.

The Danish toy company Lego has called on the authorities in China to do more to tackle counterfeits. Lego is currently involved in legal action against Chinese manufacturer it accuses of copying its plastic bricks and figures.

Three eastern Europeans have been jailed for five years for hacking into a Taiwanese bank and stealing more than two million dollars from its cash machines. Prosecutor said the men had found a security loophole at a London branch of the bank and planted malware allowing them to make a full back loads of cash in three cities in Taiwan.

The largest annual mass migration on earth in underway in China. Millions of people are on the move before Chinese New Year on Friday.

A Japanese funds of sumo wrestling are celebrating after one of their own national was became world champion again for the first time in nearly two decades. Following victory in the new year sumo tournament, 30-year-old Kisen Nosato, has been declared Yokozuna or grand champion, the highest rank in this sport. The last four champions all come from Mongolia.

BBC news.

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