Thousands Visit Anthony Gravesite on Election Day

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One-by-one, people are visiting Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York.

The visitors are coming to see the final resting place of Susan B. Anthony.

Anthony was an important civil rights activist.

She led the way for legal recognition of women’s rights in the United States. She campaigned for women’s voting rights in the late 1800s.

Anthony became famous after she was arrested for voting in the 1872 presidential election. That was a violation of the law at that time.

Thousands Visit Anthony Gravesite on Election Day

In 1920, women were given the right to vote when states approved the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

But Susan B. Anthony did not live to see women get the right to vote. She died in 1906.

On Tuesday, a Rochester newspaper wrote a story saying some Americans were going to Anthony’s burial place after voting for Hillary Clinton. Clinton is the first female presidential candidate of a major U.S. party.

The newspaper estimated that 1,000 people visited Anthony’s gravesite by late Tuesday morning. Many of them placed a sticker printed with the words “I voted” on her headstone.

Mothers brought their daughters with them in honor of the historic election. Many women said they cried while marking their ballot earlier in the day.

People line up to visit the <b>grave</b> of women's suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony on U.S. <b>election</b> day at Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York November 8, 2016.

Jodi Atkin told the newspaper: “I realized my daughters have the right to vote for a woman. It made me cry.”

Some people left yellow roses in honor of the suffragette movement. The women who worked for voting rights a century ago were called suffragettes.

One television station in Rochester showed the people visiting the cemetery using Facebook Live. The Facebook Live images received over 3 million views.

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Words in This Story

suffragetten. a woman who campaigned for the right to vote in elections

view – n. visits to a website or internet display

gravesite – n. a hole in the ground for burying a dead body

sticker – n. a piece of paper with a picture or writing on it and a sticky substance on its back that is used to attach it to a surface

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